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Oil free food - a key to a fit and young life! - Oil-free cooking, is a unique and revolutionary technique making it possible to prepare great-tasting food without the use of cooking oil. Ask any dietitian, the one thing that will be standard, and in fact, a mandatory practice is to lead an oil-free eating habit for better health.

For us, serving food to our customers is not just about business but about doing something valuable and responsible towards the healthy well-being of all, hence we at MyGovindas stand apart from any other restaurant to make that into reality.

Our key focus is on serving:

  1. Pure Sattvic food (The revered Bhagavad Gita says that a sattvic diet is good for one’s physical, mental and spiritual well-being)
  2. Oil-free food (The ideal solution to stay young, fit, healthy and avoid diseases)
  3. A unique dining-out experience to nurture good health.

Here let us shed some light on oil-free food commonly also known as plant-based recipes which is one of the cornerstones to succeeding in a healthy lifestyle. An oil-free diet has benefits that will definitely address each one of your issues for instance:

An Oil-free diet will help you reduce unwanted weight keeping you fit, healthy, and disease-free.

A tablespoon of oil contains 120 calories, well and the most debated thing is, are some oils healthy? In some cases it contains healthy fats which you can procure through high-fat proteins but apart from that all the oils are so processed that nearly all benefits are stripped away.

The major drawback to not following the oil-free diet was the scrumptious taste that always had you hooked, but that’s what we have changed and revolutionized for any food lover. With our especially scrutinized combination of the perfect flavors, our oil-free range promises to give you the same great taste, yet completely free from cooking oil. Now, You needn’t feel guilty about an indulging meal.

To experience the great taste of our oil-free delicacies and gain the health benefits that come along, please visit us or call us on 04 3960088 to place your order. Looking forward to serving you soon.