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Vegan-Friendly Restaurants Dubai - Most people think that finding a good vegan place in Dubai is a hefty task. But if we tell you this is not the case anymore. We have your back as we are here to present the list of vegan-friendly restaurants Dubai based on the rating, quality service, and most importantly good food. Dubai is a great place for a vegan or even if you want to try some vegan food. So, we hope you find this list helpful to find the next restaurant to explore with your family or friends. 

Here are Some Must Visit Vegan-Friendly Restaurants Dubai

#1 MyGovindas

MyGovindas will always come on the list of top-rated vegan-friendly restaurants Dubai where one can enjoy the most delicious Indian vegan food with loved ones. Not only do we have an extensive food menu covering vegan and gluten-free food but we focused on delivering the complete experience to every customer. Also, our ambiance is based on Indian culture and literature and we believe in the concept of “sattvic food”. It simply means eating freshly prepared food as it has the power of being good for our physical health and our soul. Moreover, MyGovindas operates in other locations as well. One can place an order online and enjoy exciting offers. Or visit our restaurant for a memorable experience. We have been serving good quality food for more than a decade. 

Here are some characteristics that differentiate us from the rest of the vegan restaurants in Dubai -

  • 100% vegetarian Indian food
  • Vegan-friendly restaurant
  • with Gluten-free options
  • Highly affordable
  • Takeaway and home delivery options there
  • Indoor sitting arrangement 
  • Soothing ambiance 
  • World-class service 
  • Courteous staff

Contact Us
Address - Burjuman Centre Street 4A, Behind Regent Place Hotel, Dubai, UAE
Mobile No. - +971 50 564 9227
Phone No. - +971 4 396 0088
Open All Days: 08:30 AM - 11:30 PM

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants Dubai

#2 Folia

Folia offers one of the best fine-dining experiences that is popularly known for its vegan-friendly menu. It is located in one of the popular areas of Dubai called Jumeirah Beach. For vegan lovers, Folia is a must-try restaurant where food is prepared freshly from seasonal fruits & vegetables.  Also, this vegan restaurant does have gluten-free dishes. This restaurant has an aesthetically pleasing ambiance with spacious sitting arrangements. 

  • Takeaway service available
  • 100% vegan food
  • booking recommended
  • Indoor sitting arrangement

Address - Jumeirah Beach, Dubai 

#3 Menagerie 

Mac No Cheese and Chili tacos are some of the popular must-try vegan dishes of Menagerie.  This vegan restaurant makes the list of top vegan-friendly restaurants Dubai due to its world-class service and food quality. Also, Menagerie does have gluten-free food on its menu. The restaurant is located in Mirdif and is a must-visit place for all vegan lovers. 

  • Organic food
  • Indoor and outdoor sitting
  • Takeaway and home delivery are available
  • Good ambiance 

Address - Mirdif, Dubai

#4 Avatara Restaurant 

Avatara Restaurant is run by Chf Rahul Rana and is located in Voco Hotel. The restaurant served 100% vegetarian Indian food and was featured in the Michelin Guide 2022. Also, Avatara Restaurant has courteous staff and delicious vegan food to serve. That’s why Avatara always comes on the list of top-rated vegan-friendly restaurants in Dubai.

  • Luxury dining experience
  • Advanced table booking is available
  • 100% vegetarian food 
  • No takeaway and home delivery service

Address - Voco Hotel, Trade Centre Area, Dubai

#5 Just Vegan

Just Vegan is not just an affordable vegan restaurant in Dubai but also offers a great atmosphere where one can experience delicious food. Also, Just Vegan gains popularity for its quick service and overall lovely concept of veganism. This restaurant is all about tasty and mouth-watering vegan dishes. Thus, Just Vegan needed to be on the list of vegan restaurants in Dubai.

  • Vegetarian restaurant
  • Vegan food options are available
  • Outdoor and indoor sitting arrangement
  • Takeaway and home delivery are available

Address - Pearl Marina Hotel Apartments, Dubai Marina, Dubai


Vegan has so many benefits including good for the heart, lowering glucose levels, weight loss, and so much more. Even though the concept is the 21st century, Indians have been following this diet for centuries where seasonal fruits and vegetables are the biggest part. Lastly, many restaurants claim to be vegan in Dubai. But this list consists of top-rated and reliable vegan-friendly restaurants Dubai. So, even if you are new to the concept of a vegan diet or a regular one. Visit this restaurant for your next getaway!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question - Is Dubai vegan-friendly?

Answer - Absolutely yes Dubai is among the top vegan-friendly places in the world where you can easily find ingredients and vegan-friendly restaurants.

Question - Which are the best vegan restaurants in Dubai?

Answer - MyGovindas is the best vegan Indian restaurant in Dubai