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Vegetarian Restaurant Karama - According to a new article, there is a surging demand for vegan food in UAE and the number of vegan food lovers will increase up to 500,000 by the end of 2025. Undoubtedly, UAE is at the top of the list of vegan-friendly places in middle-east. Not only is Indian food readily available in Dubai but quite affordable. The current population of Indians in Dubai is over 3 million. So, if you are looking for a vegetarian restaurant Karama, then you must try the Indian vegan restaurant MyGovindas. 

MyGovindas has been serving pure sattvic Indian vegan food for over 20 years which is even before the vegan trend across the globe. We offer a wide range of vegetarian food at affordable rates that are also available for home delivery. Apart from Karama, MyGovindas has been operating in other three locations in Dubai. However, if you have any queries for us, then feel free to reach out to us either by calling us at +97143960088 or writing us at

Vegetarianism and Its Popularity

According to a survey report, the young population between the age group of 20-25 is preferring vegan restaurants over others. It clearly shows that the young generation preferred vegan and vegetarian options nowadays. The word Vegetarianism is a lifestyle based on eating plant-based food only. Also, the Internet and social media have influenced a larger audience to make changes and create awareness regarding the healthy vegetarian diet. However, Indian culture has already been based on plant-based food and practiced sattvic for ages. According to Ayurveda, food influences our minds and thoughts. And it is important to pay attention to our eating habits. Thus, eating sattvic food means eating seasonal vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. 

However, there are two kinds of vegetarians, one is lacto-ovo vegetarians who consume milk and other dairy products. And others are Lacto-vegetarians who do not consume any dairy products. There are many reasons behind following a vegetarian diet including ethical reasons, medical reasons, and it can be personal preference. However, whatever the reasons, the bottom line is vegetarianism is the new trend and is gaining worldwide popularity. 

What are the Health Benefits of eating Vegetarian Food?

Apart from being popular, vegetarian food has tons of health benefits. These benefits are backed by scientific study. Here is the list of some best health benefits that are enough to convince anyone to start eating vegan food- 

  • Evidence collected by the researchers clearly stated that switching to a vegan diet helps in lowering the risk of heart disease. This is due to the fact that vegetables help in lowering cholesterol levels and maintaining blood pressure.
  • Also, having vegetarian food prevents the risk of type 2 diabetes and lower hypertension. 
  • Vegetarian food aids weight loss as it contains fewer calories and more dietary fiber. 
  • Apart from it, eating vegan food is great for our planet to lower the methane release in the environment that are the major cause of the greenhouse effect.

So, whether you want to switch to vegetarian food or are already a hardcore vegetarian residing in Dubai, then you must check out our menu for authentic Indian vegetarian cuisine at the best price. 

Vegetarian Restaurant Karama - MyGovindas

Al Karama is a vibrant place in Dubai that is home to people belonging to multicultural and ethnic groups. Being a bustling area of Dubai, there are several amazing cuisines from different countries. However, if you want to taste authentic Indian vegetarian cuisine then you must visit MyGovindas. 

  • Here you are not going to enjoy delicious 100% vegan food but a luxurious experience of fine dining with great ambiance, functional seating arrangement, and hygienic place with the top of world-class customer service by our staff. 
  • You can order fresh juice, Indian street food (panipuri, dahi bhalla), and full-fledged meals including dal makhani, thali, and so many more. Also, you can try authentic cuisine from different states of India. 
  • Lastly, complete your meal with some Indian sweets and freshly made ice cream. We are a 100% vegan restaurant that uses only fresh ingredients in preparing delicious food. That's why MyGovindas has been among the top Indian restaurants in Karama

That’s why MyGovindas is the best Indian vegetarian restaurant in Karama, Dubai where you are guaranteed to have an amazing dining experience with your family and friends. 

Contact Us 

Address - Burjuman Centre Street 4A, Behind Regent Palace Hotel, Dubai, UAE
Mobile No - +971 50 564 9227
Phone No - +971 4 396 0088
Open All Days: 08:30 AM - 11:30 PM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question - Is there any good vegetarian Indian restaurant in Karama?

Answer - MyGovindas is a great place to enjoy vegetarian Indian cuisine in Karama, Dubai.

Question - Is vegetarian food in Dubai expensive?

Answer - There are many vegetarian food options in Dubai at affordable rates.