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The Realness of Sattvik Food

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Arjan

Earning the heartfelt reviews of the people of Dubai, we have become a synonymous name for wholesome and delightful food in the city. Our vegetarian restaurant in Arjan along with our catering services has been providing with impeccable flavours that will burst in your taste buds to create lasting memories.


When it comes to rich flavors and enigmatic aromas, very few cuisines in the world can match up to North Indian delicacies. With the expertise of our renowned chefs, we bring you authentic North Indian dishes that are undoubtedly going to melt your heart just like the butter used in them.

Get a load of the traditional Punjabi Chole, the irresistible Paneer Achari Tikka, the delicious Palak Paneer, or the classic Dal Fry and get a glimpse of the essence of the ambiance of North India in our food.

North Indian Thali Arjan

With the distinct culinary taste and methods, South Indian delicacies have their fans all around the globe. Our South Indian restaurant in Arjan brings some of the most treasured dishes of this cuisine to the people of Dubai for an enriching dining experience that is authentic and alluring.

From the cult favorite Idli Sambar to the experimental Tomato Uttapam, from the delectable Paper Masala Dosa to the awe-inspiring Masala Dosa, there is something for every mood of your South Indian culinary fantasy.


The sheer magnitude of aroma that any Tandoor dish produces is compelling enough to win the hearts of any food lover. Keeping that exact thought in mind, we bring before you some mouth-watering Tandoor delicacies to make your dining experience opulent at our Indian restaurant near Miracle Garden.

Whether it is the smoky yet tender Makai Seekh Kebab or the king of snack yet wholesome Tandoori Platter, our Tandoor presentations will never fail to make your taste buds burst with a gala of joy.

Tandoor Se Arjan

Chinese cuisines are favored by millions of people not only for their taste but also because of their versatility to suit any occasion and any dining experience. This is why our Indian Chinese restaurant in Arjan brings the best of the oriental dishes by sticking to their authenticity while also imbibing our signature style to them.

From Veg Spring Roll to Crispy Vegetable, from Manchow Soup to Gobi Manchurian Dry, from American Chopsuey to Schezwan Noodles, we have everything in our corner to make for an irresistible Chinese treat.

Chinese Arjan

If you fancy Continental food in Arjan Dubai, we have got you covered! Our world-class chefs bring the best of European delicacies for you that you will be remised to not try. With a dip of modern innovation to traditional favorites, you will be taken on a gastronomical journey of par excellence.

With precision to technique and meticulous sourcing of ingredients, our range of Continental offerings makes for a dining experience that has been garnering the love of the people of Dubai for years.

Continental Arjan

Making salads palatable with a zest of taste while maintaining their nutrition quotient is one of our specialties. As you explore our healthy eating zone in Vrindavan Ki Hariyali in our eclectic menu, you will encounter how even in simple everyday salads, we have brought our expertise of culinary excellence to ensure every order of salad gives you a gastronomical delight.

From Greek Salad to Moong Sprout Salad, from Green Salad to Watermelon and Avocado salad, healthy eating has never been more diverse and fun than it is with us at our veg restaurant near Miracle Garden.

Salad Arjan

Every season brings with itself a unique charm that needs to be celebrated with essence, and our vegetarian restaurant in Arjan Dubai leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that. Whether it is the ripe fruits of the summer or the root veggies of the winter, you will be treated to impeccable season special cuisines from our chefs.

Explore each season with an enhanced culinary experience to make the best of your dining moments with us by your side.

Season Special Arjan


Desert Arjan

Leave a sweet aftertaste in your mouth with our range of desserts as you round up your dining experience. Presenting the best of Indian sweets, our colossal range has made us a go-to choice for anyone who wants a delectable dessert experience in Arjan Dubai.

Whether it is our classic Gulab Jamun or the irresistible Kesar Rasmalai, the enticing Gajar Ka Halwa or the alluring Rabdi, enjoy the rich texture and heavenly taste of our desserts to make your day even more special.

Kaju Ghee Sweets Arjan

A noteworthy component of Indian sweets is the presence of Kaju and Ghee and our professional chefs create a beautiful blend with these two authentic ingredients in the preparation of some of the most sought-after Indian sweets in Al Arjan.

Enjoy the nuttiness of the Kaju and the silkiness of Ghee as you bite into our treasured delights Anjeer Roll and Kaju Katli that will awaken the utmost passion in your hearts.

Bengali Sweets Arjan

Bengali sweets are undeniably delicious and you get the enriching experience of those tastes at our pure vegetarian restaurant in Arjan. Immerse yourself in the impeccable richness of Sandesh and Rosogolla whose pleasing bite in your mouth will remind you of the earthen ambiance and delightful connotation of Bengal.

As part of our food delivery in Arjan, you can even enjoy them in the comfort of your home with your loved ones beside you. It doesn’t get better than this, does it?

Sugar Free Arjan

At MyGovindas, we ensure that no one has to compromise with their love for sweets, even those who avoid sugar in their diet. Our range of sugar-free sweets cares for your health and treats your taste buds at the same time.

Explore the guilt-free world of sweets where you don’t have to worry about the sugar content and can enjoy the best of Indian sweets we have to offer. There is no excuse to stay away from your favorite sweets when you have us by your side.

Season Special Arjan

Every season deserves its special recognition and we are doing just that with our special sweets dedicated to each season. Our chefs carefully craft our season special sweets so that your mood is uplifted with every bite of the sweets. They enhance the mood and ambiance of your surroundings, thereby highlighting the best of what that specific season has to offer.

Let our world of confectionaries be your charming guide this season as you discover the sensational seasonal special sweets in our roster.

Sattvic Food in Arjan

A tried and tested practice for centuries, a Sattvic diet is more than satiating your hunger. It is about replenishing and rejuvenating you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Our Sattvik restaurant in Al Arjan will detoxify you to provide you with a cleanser palate that will nourish you from within.

Street Food, Chaat & Snacks

Indian Chaats have a charm of their own, ruling the Desi streets in every nook and corner. They are your everyday evening delights that are the result of experimentation with flavors. Our chefs bring the exact zest of tanginess and crispiness as you explore some of the most irresistible Chaats on our menu.

From Dahi Bhalla to Bhel Puri, from Samosa Chaat to Papdi Chaat, and from Sprouts Chaat to Dahi Puri, our recipes burst in your mouth with all the impeccable flavors that you can think of. Just their sheer aroma is going to leave you mesmerized. And you can even have them be part of your special events through our catering services.

Chaat Arjan

The street foods of India are as elaborate in terms of flavors and aroma as any other main course cuisine. What appears to be a simple recipe is more detailed and layered than what one gives it credit for. After all, it doesn’t have a humongous fan base around the word just cause. This is why we bring the best of Indian street food in our pure veg restaurant in Arjan.

Delight yourself in sensational street foods and get the best of taste, quality, and hygiene with us as our chefs incorporate their expertise in delivering masterpieces with our culinary presentations.

Street Food Arjan

Namkeens make any Indian festival complete with their quintessential presence. With them on your platter, you know the festive mood just brightens up like no other. So, grab your favorite Namkeen from us as you discover a wide range of savory snacks that we have to offer. With each bite, savor the crispiness of snacks and make any moment special.

Get them delivered to your home, have them catered at your event, or enjoy them at the sophisticated ambiance of our restaurant. There is always a good time and good reason to treat yourself to these amazing delights because festive moods need to be celebrated at every chance you get.

Namkeen Arjan

MyGovindas Al Arjan Dubai

Immerse yourself and your loved ones in the suave ambiance of our Arjan branch as you savor an augmented dining experience filled with delightful flavors and mesmerizing aromas.

MyGovindas Arjan 1
MyGovindas Arjan 2
MyGovindas Arjan 3
MyGovindas Arjan 4
MyGovindas Arjan 5

Sunday Special Lunch

Make your weekends memorable with our Sunday special lunch at our vegetarian restaurant in Al Arjan. As you treat yourself with a Thali that is embellished with snacks, salads, a wide range of Rotis, and numerous options of vegetables, Dal, Papad, Buttermilk, desserts, and soft drinks, you are taken to a worldly gastronomical experience like no other.

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Yes, we deliver vegetarian food in Arjan Dubai. With a wide range of cuisines such as North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, and Continental alongside our seasonal special foods, salads, Chaats, and sweets, you get everything delivered to your home.

Yes, we deliver sweets in Arjan Dubai. You no longer have to step outside your home to treat yourself to our confectionary delights. We deliver them right to your doorstep whenever you have a sweet tooth.

Yes, we serve ice-creams. Just like our food, the range of diversity you will find in our eclectic collection of ice-creams will ensure there is something for everyone. Some of our most favored variants of ice creams are fruit, natural, vegetarian, vegan, sugar-free, diabetic, healthy, low-calorie, organic, and dairy-free.

Yes, we do provide catering services in Arjan. Our professional catering services can attend to any occasion and any crowd size. Leave the food department with us when we take care of your guests with freshly prepared delicacies, live stations, and Chaat counters.

Yes, our vegetarian restaurant in Arjan is very near to Miracle Garden. To be precise, it is at a mere six-minute walking distance from Miracle Garden.