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MyGovindas Veg Food
Sattvic Food for a Healthy Lifestyle

Best Vegetarian Restaurant in JLT

Establishing itself as one of the most trusted and landmark identities of Dubai’s food culture, our vegetarian restaurant in JLT along with our catering services provides a menu that is rich in flavors, opulent with aroma, and sourced from fresh sources.


The warmth and hospitality of the North Indian people have seeped into their food as well. Their strong affinity to rich flavors makes their food identifiable around the globe, and that is exactly what we present in our North Indian delicacies.

From the nostalgic Palak Paneer to our very own spin on Paneer Tikka Masala, from Punjabi Chole to Dal Makhani, every iconic dish that you can think of from North India can be found in our kitchen.

North-Indian JLT

We pride ourselves in maintaining the exact authentication of South Indian dishes while adding a dash of touch of our legacy to it. With each serving of our meals, you will be taken into the earthen roads and coconut tree, reminding and painting in front of you the image of the beauty of the food found in the southern corner of India.

Idlis, Dosas, Coconut-infused Chutnies, Sambhar, Uttapam, you name it and we shall serve it on an enigmatic platter for your pleasure.

South Indian JLT

They say that Indian cuisines can win you over with their aroma itself, and that rings truer for nothing more than its Tandoor relishes. The irresistible smokiness imparts a dynamic infusion of flavor to your everyday food item to give it a unique taste.

Enjoy your culinary experts’ rendition of some of the most popular Tandoori dishes that will leave you wanting for more and more.

Tandoor Se JLT

Chinese foods have an intimate relationship with the Indian sub-continent having made its way into the hearts of Indians for decades now. So much is their involvement with the Indian food culture that it has invariably been associated as a complimentary cuisine to Indian dishes owing to the similarity they have for aromas and spices.

Enjoy the blend of these two highly sought-after cuisines from our wide range of preparations such as Spring Roll, Manchurian Gravy, Paneer Schezwan Dry, Hakka Noddles, and Schezwan Rice, among others.

Chinese JLT

Explore the vegetarian food of European delicacies as the different offerings of this beautiful continent are served with utmost care and precision in our restaurant. With a detailed focus on ingredients, our expert chefs present some of the best continental food in JLT that will leave a lasting impression on you.

A beautiful blend of classic recipes with modern innovation, our commitment to providing you with a culinary experience of par excellence is one that you can’t say no to once you get into it.

Continental JLT

From a perfect accompaniment to your main courses to a standalone healthy recipe, the diversity of salads is unparalleled. At our vegetarian restaurant, we redefine the salad experience, inviting you to a galore of varied kinds of salads that showcase a harmony of freshly sourced ingredients that are potent in nutrition, texture, and colors.

From the Mediterranean to the Caesar, the options for salad will leave you spellbound with each one beating the other one in terms of taste and nutrition.

Salad JLT

In homage to Mother Nature, our professional chefs prepare culinary excellence utilizing the freshly produced ingredients of the season. The appeal of enjoying a meal made using ingredients that denote a specific season enhances the taste of the dish and accentuates the vibe of the weather.

So, whether it is the ripe fruits of summer or the root vegetables of winter, you will find enticing dishes that reflect the gastronomic mood of the season.

Season Special JLT


Dessert JLT

A meal is incomplete without the presence of a delightful dessert. Keeping this viewpoint in mind and the colossal range of Indian sweets, we have established ourselves as one of the most prolific servers of sweets in the city.

Presenting a perfect balance of taste and texture, our sweets represent the rich history of India that brings a tradition with every bite. We also offer online sweets delivery in JLT so that you always can have a reason to treat yourself at every celebration.

Kaju Ghee Sweets JLT

Indian sweets are noted worldwide for the essence of Ghee and usage of Kaju in them which gives them their distinctive aroma and flavor. Indulge in the silkiness of pure Ghee and the nuttiness of Kaju as you discover treasures such as Anjeer Roll and Kaju Katli at our restaurants.

Demonstrating the innovative and precise skills of our chefs, our sweets are prepared with utmost passion that leaves a sweet after-taste not only in your mouth but your soul as well.

Bengali Sweets JLT

It is no wonder the language that has been deemed as the sweetest in the world also produces some of the most alluring sweets that you can have. With the best Bengali sweets in JLT, our chefs pay homage to the sweet confections of Bengal as we recreate iconic sweets such as Sandesh and Rosogolla.

The notes of the symphony in the Bengali sweets at our restaurant are a perfect treat for every celebration and festival you can think of and help make your day even better with each bite you take.

Sugar Free Sweets JLT

At MyGovindas, we create sweets not only to cater to an enriching experience but also to ensure your well-being. With our range of sugar-free sweets, you can keep every worry out of the window and indulge in a guilt-free world of treats. So, there is no excuse to not enjoy sweets now even for the most health-conscious ones out there.

The creative geniuses that these sweets are, have been the result of wide-end research and patience by our chefs who wanted to ensure no one has to deny sweets from their platers owing to health reasons.

Season Special Sweets JLT

From the refreshing zest of the summer to the distinct charm of the winter, our seasonal special sweets are prepared with love and care to ensure you get to enjoy the current season around you with our sweets by your side.

The aromatic magic of our confectionaries enhances the vibe of the season and puts you in the perfect mood to embrace the weather in hand.

Sattvic Food in JLT

One of the oldest yet functional diets in the world, Sattvic food not only nourishes you physically, but takes care of your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Detoxifying you from within, the Sattvic food found at our veg restaurant in JLT offers a sense of clarity and calmness while satiating your nourishment needs and taste buds.

Street Food, Chaat & Snacks

Indian street foods are synonymous with Chaats and even if you are not physically present in the street of India, we give you a resemblance of the perfect crisp, tanginess, and savory sensations that these Chaats induce in your taste buds. The wholesomeness of potatoes, the crispiness of the Papdis, and the refreshing burst of the Chutneys are bound to create a celebration in your mouth.

Representing the topography of India, our vegetarian restaurant in JLT serves everything from Dahi Bhalla, Papdi Chaat, Sprouts Chaat, Raj Kachori, Dahi Puri, and Bhalla Papdi, among others. The textures and taste of them will spring a vibration in you like nothing else that you will end up coming back to for more.

Chaat JLT

Nothing represents the culinary diversity of any cuisine than its implications in street foods. The convenience of its availability in its own region offers a wide range of experimentation that gives rise to delightful recipes. Transcending the border of those streets, we offer ravishing street foods that will end up being your favorite after just one serving.

Get all the street foods that you wanted to try but couldn’t either for hygiene reasons or for lack of availability in the beautiful ambiance of our restaurant where you can rest assured the quality, taste, and hygiene are never compromised with.

Street Food JLT

The extensive range of savory snacks such as Namkeens are a must for all delightful festivals and celebrations. They add the quintessential zest every festival needs. The sheer presence of them can get you in a festive mood. But, you don’t have to wait for festivals to enjoy these beautiful treats as we make them available for you throughout the year.

So, whether to grab as a quick snack or to entertain your guests, these Namkeens will never cease to lighten up the mood. Their authentic flavors and irresistible crispiness, which are the result of the craftsmanship of our chefs, will always be a favorite among everything else.

Namkeen JLT

MyGovindas Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT)

Treat yourself and your loved ones to an enriching dining experience at our Jumeirah Lakes Towers branch because the taste of food is enhanced when you have your special people by your side under a blissful ambiance.

MyGovindas JLT
MyGovindas JLT branch
MyGovindas JLT Dubai
MyGovindas JLT Restaurant

Sunday Special Lunch

Immerse yourself in a delightful lunch that you can’t forget with our Sunday special lunch at our veg restaurant in JLT. With a Thali that is adorned with snacks, salads, a wide range of Rotis, and numerous options of vegetables, Dal, Papad, Buttermilk, desserts, and soft drinks, this treat is bound to bring a sense of fulfillment and joy in you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, vegetarian food is readily available in JLT Dubai at our restaurant, MyGovindas. Having established itself as one of the most sought-after vegetarian restaurants in JLT Dubai, we offer a wide range of cuisines including North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, and Continental. We also specialize in Sattvic diet which is known for providing overall wellness.

Yes, we at MyGovindas, are one of the trusted Indian vegan restaurants in JLT Dubai. With Indian cuisines being extremely popular and more and more people adopting a vegan lifestyle, we have the perfect platform to provide dishes that blend these two concepts together.

Yes, ice-creams are one of our most ordered food items owing to the diversity we have in them. You can enjoy fruit, natural, vegetarian, vegan, sugar-free, diabetic, healthy, low-calorie, organic, and dairy-free ice cream from us.

Yes, we provide extensive catering services by organizing food for various events. Irrespective of what function you are celebrating and the size of the crowd, our live stations and Chaat counters, alongside our professional catering service will keep your guests entertained by serving them delicious and fresh food.

Yes, we have several branches all over Dubai including Deira, Karama, Silicon Oasis, and Al Arjan. You can pick any branch as per your convenience or whichever is nearest to you. You will find the same level of authentication in food and professionalism in the staff in all the branches.