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Making your employees feel special and rewarding them with physical gifts is paramount to not only appreciate the time and resource they put in for the employers but to also encourage them to keep pursuing and stay loyal to the soil. That is the crux of corporate gifting which is a common practice in the work culture.

Dubai, being a lucrative business place that draws the attention of numerous people around the world is a booming field of employment and career opportunities. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the corporate world here is at its finest, being adorned with modern thinking and symbiotic connections.

Every company, big or small, large-scale or a start-up, should take upon itself to do the bare minimum to acknowledge the hundreds of hours that employees give to them, often sacrificing their personal lives.

Corporate gifting in Dubai takes many forms and is celebrated in a myriad of ways, such as a box of handpicked collection of sweets or an all-inclusive paid vacation. And to help you get familiarized with them, we have brought together this all-informative piece.

Corporate gifting is an innovative and effective idea to show your care and appreciation for the people important to you and is the best way to reward them for their existence and build goodwill for your business.

What is Corporate Gifting?

Corporate gifting refers to the concept of sending a gift, physical or of a virtual nature, to an employee, vendor, client, customer, stakeholder, or prospect on behalf of the business. Many companies even go the extra mile to gift the family members to indulge in an added personal touch to their gifting.

It can be anything from a confectionary box to a sponsored family dinner at any of the best restaurants in Dubai. The occasions for sending corporate gifting in Dubai can be various including birthdays, anniversaries, or holiday gifts. They can even be sent as part of a client appreciation gesture or to reward an employee for achieving professional success.

Businesses can even show their care for their employees and customers by providing them with welcome corporate gifts. They don’t need to always be grand or expensive. The intention of care and encouragement matters the most at the end of the day.

It is essentially a form of gratitude and a tool to build, develop, and maintain good connections and healthy relationships with the personnel that matter the most to a business.

Why Corporate Gifting is Necessary?

Corporate gifting exists for multiple reasons and when probed into in an in-depth manner, it makes sense why all the successful companies and the developing companies swear by this concept around the world.

Helps Boost the Morale & Productivity of Employees

Employees are valued assets for a company who are often ignored and under-appreciated. Corporate gifting can be a heartfelt and generous approach to reward them for all the hard work they put in relentlessly throughout the year. It makes them feel at home and generates better employee retention as well as productivity, which in turn, helps the business.

Your staff feels motivated when you provide them with a curated and thoughtful gift for the services they put in. It is an effective tool to showcase your care for your employees.  A physical gift or a catering event where you treat them to the delicacies from a top vegetarian restaurant in Dubai can be a perfect idea in this sense.

Creates Brand Awareness among Customers

Utilizing business gifts to create and boost brand awareness among the public is an effective method to help your business. Promotional corporate gifts help in spreading awareness among not only potential prospects but also serves as a healthy reminder for your loyal clients and business partners.

As such, you can garner favorable associations from the personnel who add value to your business. The potential for brand exposure from the practice of corporate promotional gifts is endless.


Corporate Gifting

Encourages Prospects to Turn into Customers

By sending corporate gifts in the UAE to prospective clients, you accelerate the process of turning them into customers. Beginning the relationship with your customers with positive and rewarding behavior can yield favorable results down the line.

It can heavily influence the key decision-makers since it sticks to their minds that you walked an extra mile to show your care for them. This habit can eventually result in bringing more clients and better profit for the company.

Innovative Ideas for Corporate Gifting in Dubai

First and foremost, before deciding the corporate gifting ideas, a company should have a gifting strategy by defining the framework for its gifting policies by taking into consideration various factors such as limitations, budget, taxes, and the corporate gift suppliers in the UAE they would like to partner up with.

Once those have been defined, you can brainstorm as to how you can diversify your gifts. Some of the ideal options for corporate gifting in Dubai can be the following.

Assorted Snacks Box

You can get in touch with your favorite veg restaurant in Dubai and select their online order option to curate an assorted snack box filled with delectable items that will be a treat to their taste buds.

Personalized Stationary

Personalized stationery in the form of pens, pencils, notebooks, and diaries, among others can not only serve as useful materials for your clients and employees but also serve as fantastic tools for brand promotion and awareness.

Lunch or Dinner Coupons

Treating your clients or employees by sending them over for lunch or dinner at a top vegetarian restaurant in Silicon Oasis or any other part of Dubai can be a rewarding practice where you showcase your love for them with a wholesome culinary experience.

Wellness Box

A wellness box can include candles, toiletries, skincare products, and positivity cards that will not only come in handy to the recipients but will also show them that you took the time to curate a gift for them instead of settling for a generic gift option.

To Conclude

The possibilities with corporate gifting are plentiful. Realizing how much value they bring to your business and how creative you can get with them, it makes complete sense that this practice is efficient for a business.

A little reward from your end can bring about huge morale to the people important to your business and any opportunity you get to send gifts in Dubai to nurture a healthy business culture shouldn’t be missed.