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The Wholesomeness of Sattvik Food

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Silicon Oasis

Garnering the favours of thousands of happy customers, we are one of the most identifiable landmarks of Dubai’s food culture. Our vegetarian restaurant in Silicon Oasis has been winning the taste buds of people with its menu which is nothing short of a treat for your soul.


One thing about North Indian food is that it is bound to win you over with its rich aroma alone, and we leave no stone unturned to bring you the authentic flavours of North Indian food clubbed with our signature style marked on them.

From the delicious Aloo Paratha to the lip-smacking Matar Kulcha, from the irresistible Paneer Makhanwala to the drool-worthy Paneer Tikka Masala, you will be spoiled for choices when it comes to choosing between our North Indian dishes.

North Indian Thali DSO

South Indian foods have a charm of their own. The impeccable subtle taste of the spices and coconut is reflected in our cuisines from the southernmost corner of India. One of the healthiest meals you can have that doesn’t compromise with the taste, this cuisine offers the best of both worlds.

Get a load of the classic South Indian dishes of Idli Sambar, Rawa Masala Dosa, Tomato Uttapam, and Vada Sambar, among others with a special touch of our signature taste as you dive into a world of rich flavours and aroma.

South Indian DSO

You can’t have a special Indian occasion without some delectable Tandoor items on your platter. Keeping exactly that in mind, our veg restaurant in Silicon Oasis treats you with the infusion of the smokiness and zest of some of the best Tandoor delicacies you have ever tasted.

Immerse yourself as our chefs bring you Tandoor cuisines that will leave you wanting for more and more. After all, it’s never a bad idea to say yes to Tandoors!

Tandoor Se DSO

No matter where you go, there is always a demand for Chinese food. But very few places can serve authentic vegetarian Chinese cuisines for all those vegetarians out there. Thankfully, we at MyGovindas have taken care of this as we serve you appetizing Chinese dishes rich in flavours that will ignite a fire in you.

Whether you fancy Gobi Manchurian or Crispy Baby Corn, Dry Chilli Paneer or Vegetable Spring Roll, we have got you covered with our eclectic menu at our Indian Chinese restaurant in Silicon Oasis.

Chinese DSO

If you are in the mood for some continental food in DSO, look no further than us as we bring before you a platter of continental cuisines that you will undeniably fall in love with. With precision in ingredients and methodology, our experienced chefs bring some of the popular European cuisines to you.

As we blend traditional recipes with contemporary innovation, you will be witness to a culinary experience like no other.  A perfect accompaniment to be enjoyed with your loved ones, you will be remised to not try our Continental vegetarian food.

Continental DSO

Who says healthy eating has to be boring when you have us by your side with our delicious arrangements of salads, easy both on your health and taste buds?

Here at MyGovindas, we not only serve taste but also health. The range and potential of salads in supplementing you with potent nutrition are unmatched. Recognizing that, we invite you to taste the eclectic range of salads from our menu sourced through farm-fresh ingredients to give you richness in texture, colour, and nutrition.

Salad DSO

Each season brings with it a vibe that is celebrated at our vegetarian restaurant in Dubai with a signature culinary experience. With ingredients that reflect a specific season, our chefs put the entire vibe of a season on a platter for your pleasure.

With the ripe fruits of summer and the root veggies of winter being the hero ingredient of our season special dishes, you will be taken on a gastronomical journey that will produce worthwhile memories.

Season Special DSO


Kaju Ghee Sweets DSO

The silkiness of Ghee and the nuttiness of Kaju gives Indian sweets their uniqueness that is recognizable throughout the world.  Treat yourself to the gratifying tastes of pure Ghee and Kaju as we present some of our best sweets collections in Anjeer Roll and Kaju Katli at our restaurants.

Just one bite into them will show you how each of them has been carefully nurtured with the precise skills of our experienced chefs who spend hours perfecting the art of preparing authentic Indian sweets.

Bengali Sweets DSO

It doesn’t get any sweeter than the charming sweets of Bengal, which is why we have the iconic Bengali sweets in our collection. Indulge yourself in the opulent taste of Rosogolla and Sandesh as we give you a glimpse of the streets of Bengal with our sweets that are bound to remind you of the state’s earthen essence.

Perfect for every Indian festival, this is the ideal way to win over your loved ones and celebrate little joys in life. Allow us to sweeten your memories through our little touch on the alluring Bengali sweets.

Desert DSO

As you wrap up your meal, explore the impeccable assortment of delightful desserts from our menu that will not only leave a sweet aftertaste in your mouth but also your mind and soul. Indian sweets have a special place in the world of desserts and we bring before you all the mouth-watering Desi desserts for your enjoyment.

Being a formidable name for Indian desserts in Dubai, the craftsmanship of our chefs is reflected in the taste, texture, and authenticity of our desserts. And if you want some at your home, we also offer online sweets delivery in Silicon Oasis.

Sugar Free DSO

Our restaurant is accommodating of people with varied health concerns, which is why we have in our roster, a range of sugar-free sweets that are easy on your health. Without compromising on the taste, these are the perfect leeway into a guilt-free word of sweetness.

Bringing a smile to every health-conscious soul out there who can’t afford to indulge in regular sweets, our sugar-free delights are a reminder that you never have to give up on sweets, irrespective of the status of your health.

Season Special Sweets DSO

We present the diversity of the seasons through our sweets. As homage to Mother Nature, we curate season-special sweets that will spark the vibe of a season in a multitude of ways to delight you with a sweet aftertaste of joy.

Explore our confectionaries as we present delectable presentations in the form of our season special sweets that will elevate every season for you and your loved ones.

Sattvic Food in Silicon Oasis

Sattvic diet is more than just a functional diet. Nourishing you from within, it is a lifestyle choice that embarks you on a detoxifying journey wherein your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being are taken care of. Come, cleanse and nurture your soul with our Sattvic food at our veg restaurant in Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Street Food, Chaat & Snacks

Street food in Indian cuisine is as elaborate as its main course. Nothing celebrates the blend of tanginess and crispiness as much as the Chaats of Indian streets. Noted for their remarkable flavours and playful nature, they can bring out the child in anyone. So, even if you are not present in India, we make sure that you are not deprived of the awesome Chaats here in DSO.

Dive into the world of Chaats as we bring before you authentic dishes of Papdi Chaat, Sprouts Chaat, Raj Kachori, Dahi Bhalla, Bhalla Papdi, and Dahi Puri. The burst of Chutneys and the crispiness of Papdis will leave you with an unforgettable Desi culinary experience.

Chaat DSO

The pop of flavours and aroma in street food results in the creation of some mouth-watering dishes that you can’t resist trying. Our chefs transcend you on a journey like no other as you discover the best of street food in our restaurant.

Not only that, but we also offer street food through our catering services so that you and your guests can savour the gift of street food as you celebrate the eventful days of your life. With precision maintained on quality, hygiene, and authenticity, our street foods will take you to the lanes of Indian streets.

Street Food DSO

Enjoy the vast range of savoury snacks as we bring before you Namkeens to celebrate every festive occasion. Namkeens are part and parcel of every Indian celebration and we make sure you have access to them around the year because it is always a good time to munch in some Namkeens to make up the day.

With an amalgamation of undisputed flavours and noted crispiness, Namkeens are quintessential festive additions. Our chefs showcase their craftsmanship with their preparations of these lovely snacks that will never fail to elevate your mood.

Namkeen DSO

MyGovindas Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)

Explore the enriching dining experience in the astounding ambience at our Silicon Oasis branch as we take you on a culinary journey that is bound to produce memories of taste and joy that you will want to have with your loved ones.

MyGovindas DSO 1
MyGovindas DSO 2
MyGovindas DSO 3
MyGovindas DSO 4
MyGovindas DSO 5
MyGovindas DSO 6

Sunday Special Lunch

Presenting the best of Indian cuisines in a Sunday Special Lunch Thali at our DSO restaurant, the fusion of the classic dishes assorted through a wide range of Rotis, snacks, salads, Dal, Papad, veggies, buttermilk, dessert, and soft drinks are bound to give you a gastronomical experience of epic proportions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our restaurant at Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) is 100% vegetarian wherein we serve and cater high-quality delicious vegetarian dishes across a wide range of cuisines including North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, and Continental. Besides, we also have Sattvic food and impeccable desserts in our roster of vegetarian food as well.

Yes, we deliver sweets all across Silicon Oasis so that you can enjoy the delightful taste, flavour, and aroma of our eclectic collection of sweets in the comfort of your home whenever you want.

Yes, ice-creams are among our specialities and our chefs prepare delicious servings in a wide range of variants including fruit, natural, vegetarian, vegan, sugar-free, diabetic, healthy, low-calorie, organic, and dairy-free ice cream.

Yes, we offer catering services for all your events, functions, and occasions. No matter what you are celebrating and how many people you are serving, our services will ensure they have the entire food section covered by serving freshly prepared food and entertaining guests through live stations and Chaat counters.

Yes, our branches are spread all across the major spots of Dubai including Silicon Oasis, Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT), Karama, Al Arjan, and Deira. You can visit any of them for an amazing treat with your loved ones.