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Our Core Values - We are back again with some interesting facts. In our previous blogs, we have been speaking about health benefits, how to lose weight, nutrition and similar topics. This time we would like to speak about our core values.

1. Health: Our prime focus is to ensure good health for one and all. You are what you eat and what you eat has a big impact on your overall health and well-being. Our recipes are highly nutritionally beneficial for the body as well as the mind as they are prepared in complete goodness.

2. Innovation: We believe in Innovation. We focus on giving our customers a variety of options and a great dining experience each and every time they dine with us. We try creating innovative delicious and nutritious recipes for our customers so they can enjoy their meal to the fullest and also nourish the body. Be it vegan, diabetic, oil-free or fasting food we have it all.

3. Fresh Produce: Every ingredient is hand-picked to bring out the best flavours. That’s the secret of our recipes. We serve our customers fresh and hot food always. Fresh ingredients enhance health contrary to stale cold food which deteriorates health.

4. Ambience: It is one of the most important factors when it comes to enjoying good food. We have a very peaceful and  calming great ambience set-up for our customers so that they can enjoy their food with a relaxed mind. The lighting, colours, staff, music, artwork and the textures are all so soothing that you will definitely have a great blissful meal.

5. Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is the end goal of MyGovindas. We make sure to serve the best recipes to satisfy your taste buds and ensure every guest leaves fully satisfied.

6. Customer Feedback: We thank our customers for their feedback. It helps us serve them better. If there is anything that needs improvement, it is carefully implemented for the welfare of our guests.

Come and relish a great meal at MyGovindas with your family and friends. Fully focused on our core values, we strive to give you an amazing and unforgettable experience.