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What makes MyGovindas a great restaurant? - Going to places of interest is a fun-filled experience, but sometimes can become a burden when it comes to food; especially if the traveler is a vegetarian or vegan.

When on business trips or holidays, people always enroll themselves in a city tour. So, just imagine what would happen to such a person when they land in a highly sophisticated touristic city like Dubai, popularly known for its hospitality, where the local “Arabic food” available is mostly non-vegetarian.
With this in mind, there is one restaurant definitely worth visiting for one of the best vegetarian food in Dubai!

It is believed that food is a philosophy and vegetarianism is a way of life. ‘MyGovindas ‘combines the wisdom of the Vedas, with the flair of modern-day cooking to create signature sattvic meals – pure, wholesome meals prepared without the use of tamasic ingredients such as (garlic and onion). Meals are balanced and prepared with all organic ingredients. The flavors are enhanced with culinary skills and food is cooked with utmost care and hygiene. The Bhagavad-Gita defines sattvic foods as being, wholesome, and pleasing to the mind, body, and soul, thereby providing adequate nourishment with positive vitality.

Whether you are a vegan or not, you are going to love this place! Known for its budget-friendly menu and great ambiance, MyGovindas has been the preferred Indian restaurant for people wanting to eat vegetarian delights and healthy, vegan food in Dubai. The restaurant has a large menu that allows you to try some tried and tested dishes as well as some creative contemporary items with a range from Chinese to Indian to Continental.

The menu carries a series of multiple cuisines with unique seasonal ingredients. A very rare fusion of dishes and a must-try is the Healthy Lunch Box and Quinoa Biryani.

The restaurant also captures glimpses of Vrindavan in color ambiance and spirit. The earthy feel is showcased by the foliage and woodwork that is a part of the interiors. It has a cozy informal setup, which can make you feel at home.

MyGovindas now have seamless home delivery services activated, so no more fighting hunger pangs and settling for bad food. Tasty, hygienic, and fresh food can reach your doorstep whenever you want. This has made the vegan extremely happy too.

Ready to book a table? We are! And, if you’re craving more information, follow the link below: