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Whether it is a themed wedding or an intimate birthday celebration, an intimate house party or a corporate event, a festival commemoration or an anniversary reception, the avenues to use outdoor catering are endless and you can always expect a gala time when you decide to incorporate it in your function.

Dubai is the epitome of grandeur and luxury in the world. So, naturally, it means that just like anything, the scope of outdoor catering here is opulent. With so much to explore, this is a splendid way to celebrate any occasion since it elevates the ambiance in a multitude of ways.

If you are wondering why you should opt for it for your food catering services, we are here to familiarize you with all the benefits that outdoor catering has to offer alongside the aspects you need to bear in mind while opting for an outdoor catering service.

In addition, we are going to also recommend you one of the best outdoor catering services in Dubai that is bound to surpass your expectations and make sure your special day is filled with embellishment and joy forever.

Sattvic cuisine is a paramount component to not only physical well-being but also mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness as it detoxifies and energizes you from your core.

Benefits of Opting for Outdoor Catering

If you are looking for a comprehensive catering solution for your events, outdoor catering might be the way to go because of the following reasons.

Infinite Space

Regardless of how many people are on your guest list, an outdoor setting will always edge out an indoor setting in terms of spatial availability. Whether you are doing it in an outdoor garden, a beach location, or a park, there will be ample space for people to leisurely roam around.

This is especially true for large events wherein you are expecting a fair amount of crowd. You don’t want them to get claustrophobic in the interiors. People get to breathe easily, take a walk, and feel fresh outside. It inevitably makes your event look bigger and adds a whole new spatial dynamic.


An outdoor setting calls for more grandeur and luxury since decorators get more leeway to spin the theme with the availability of space and absence of physical constraints which is often the case with events that you host inside.

You can pick up any theme you want, be it as simple and pastel or as crazy and intricate as it be; the options for adding grandeur are more with an outdoor setting.

Natural and Scenic Beauty

No matter how beautiful your interior is, it is no match for the scenic natural beauty. Even if you are not hosting your outdoor event by the sea or mountain (which is obviously a view to behold), just the mere presence of trees, soil, and fresh air installs a connection with nature that in itself accentuates the ambiance of the party.

Not to mention, you save so much after-party trouble of mess if you don’t host it in the interiors of your house since chances of spilling, breakage, and mishaps can always happen when you have so many people around the delicate ornaments, artifacts, and furniture at your home.

Factors to Consider While Opting for an Outdoor Catering Service

Before you finalize your choice of an outdoor catering service, keep in mind the following aspects to ensure your choice is a smart one.


Keeping a check on the weather is one of the most crucial aspects of an outdoor catering setting. Summers and springs are great seasons to host an outdoor catering event since the breeze makes it so much better. Winter and autumn are also ideal since both nights and days are great hosting options. Only rainy seasons are what you need to avoid or make special arrangements to ensure there are shades present to ensure everyone is dry in case there is a drizzle.


Outdoor Catering Dubai

Number of Guests

Keeping a count of the guests will give you an idea of how many chairs to allocate, how much food is to be served, and how much area you need to overall cover for decorations so that people can roam around in the vicinity of the party whilst also enjoying the celebrations.


The kind of cuisines you will serve will also be a major factor to consider since you want to make sure that the type of cuisines you want for the event is served by the company you are hiring. Most high-end Dubai-based outdoor catering services provide an eclectic range of dishes owing to the multi-cultural nature of the city.

Why MyGovindas is the Optimal Choice for Outdoor Catering in Dubai?

MyGovindas is the go-to choice for thousands of Dubai residents for not only outdoor catering services but indoor catering services as well. With over two decades of splendid services and an eclectic range of cuisines that ranges from North Indian to South Indian, Indo-Chinese to its dessert, they have cultivated a culture wherein the needs and requirements of the clients are given top priority without compromising on the nutritional aspect of their meals.

Apart from serving the best Sattvic food in Dubai, we also make special reservations for vegan and gluten-free dietary options.

The customization that you will find with us is unparalleled, giving you endless control over what goes in and out of your event so that it truly reflects the way you imagined it to be.


As you can see, outdoor catering elevates the mood, ambiance, and significance of any event that you might be hosting. With its boundless possibilities, this is one of the best additions you can have in your event. Make sure to keep in mind all the aspects that have been aforementioned to ensure a smooth service.

With our catering team by your side, you can rest assured that your event will be styled as per your requirements and you don’t have to worry about a single aspect of the catering. So, go out there, host your lavish event, entertain your guests, and leave them with a lasting impression with an outstanding outdoor catering service.