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Hosting a party in a green lush garden or courtyard needs great preparation. Even though the event is all about fun, joy, and happiness, making food for guests requires weeks of planning. However, we suggest you book an outdoor catering in Dubai that not only takes care of food but the entire event. Hiring a caterer is always a good decision as there is no need to stress about every small thing and make time from your busy schedule. All the tasks will be handled by our professional staff. 

MyGovindas is known for its 100% vegetarian Indian cuisine where you can find tons of options including vegan, and gluten-free food. Also, our staff specialize in catering for all kinds of events and can easily handle guests up to 2000. Therefore, if you are interested in knowing more about our outdoor catering services, then call MyGovindas at +971 50 254 6917 or mail us at

Why Choose Outdoor Catering?

Whatever you are planning, whether it is a small gathering or a big occasion like a wedding, catering is an important aspect that needs to be taken care of. One of the preferred setting arrangements for catering is outdoor as it offers various advantages & features. For example,

  1. First of all, an outer location offers a beautiful natural backdrop that no other decor competes with. If you are a fan of rustic and natural settings, then outdoor catering is for you. Enjoying fresh air along with greenery is the highlight of having an outdoor catering arrangement. 
  2. Indoor arrangement has limited space but not in outdoor catering where you can be liberal and add more guests to the list without any worry. 
  3. Popularly, outdoor catering is known for fun, games, and live entertainment.  Where you can enjoy live performances in a soothing ambiance. 
  4. Most importantly, outdoor catering is highly cost-effective compared to any indoor seating arrangement. 

It is quite clear that hiring a catering service in Dubai comes with many benefits and it is the best option for making any occasion successful.

Outdoor Catering In Dubai

Hire The Best Outdoor Catering Company In Dubai - MyGovindas 

MyGovindas is the pioneer in the catering industry that serves every kind of event including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, corporations, and conferences. Also, we deal in both indoor and outdoor catering in Dubai. Also, we are a team of professionals who understand the client's requirements fully and provide customization options. Here, you will be served mouth-watering Indian cuisine made from fresh ingredients. MyGovindas has been operating for the past 20+ years and successfully managed high ratings throughout. There are three packages offered by us that you can choose at your convenience. 

  1. The first one is the Chaat Menu, we will serve starters, desserts, and paneer. This package worked best for small gatherings. 
  2. The second one is the Economic package, where you will be served a three-course meal with limited dishes. 
  3. Lastly, the premium package allows you to customize the menu as per your preference. 

However, we do entertain any special request. After all, MyGovindas is a customer-centric company that always adheres to serving its customers with utmost priority. 

How Much Outdoor Catering Cost In Dubai?

Catering services depend upon several factors and there are no fixed prices. However, we can discuss some common factors influencing the final cost of outdoor catering services in Dubai. 

  • Number of guests - The average cost per plate in Dubai ranges between AED 50 to AED 500 per person. Therefore, the smaller the guest, the lesser the cost. 
  • Menu - If you keep your menu simple, then this will cost a lot less than having multiple dishes. Here at MyGovindas, there are several options of packages that you can choose from as per your budget. 
  • Season - During peak season, catering service will cost you extra. However, you can save some bucks by pre-booking the catering service at least 1 month before. 
  • Additional services - Thinking of DJ, decoration, photographers, etc. These kinds of additional services will cost you extra. 

That’s why we suggest meeting the caterer for a detailed quotation. 

Reasons To Choose MyGovindas For Catering Services In Dubai 

MyGovindas is famously known for its sattvic food in Dubai. However, we do deal in premium catering services both indoors and outdoors. With over 20+ experience, we provide top-notch services to corporates, private parties, weddings, small businesses, etc. We can handle large crowds and we take in every detail. 

  • First of all, A highly professional caterer who understands the requirements of their clients and takes care of every small detail with full supervision. 
  • Secondly, MyGovindas is famous for its delicious Indian cuisine including street food, North Indian, South Indian, and Indo-Chinese. 
  • Thirdly, our restaurant has a team of highly experienced individuals who are dedicated to serving each client the best-in-class services.
  • Moreover, being a trusted catering service provider, MyGovindas serves vegan and gluten-free food. Apart from, 100% vegetarian Indian cuisine. 
  • Most importantly, MyGovindas has a highly customized menu without any extra charges. We will take care of all the food arrangements and make sure that every guest has the best time at the event. 

At last, we hope to find all the information regarding outdoor catering in Dubai. For further details regarding cost and availability, please feel free to reach out to MyGovindas anytime!
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question - Why choose outdoor catering?

Answer - Sitting in a courtyard or any garden provides a scenic backdrop that makes perfect natural decor for any event or occasion.

Question - Is outdoor catering budget-friendly?

Answer - Yes, outdoor catering avoids any space rent which is a huge part of the whole catering budget. 

Question - Is there any outdoor catering service in Dubai serving Indian vegetarian cuisine?

Answer - Yes, MyGovindas is among the top catering companies in Dubai that specialize in outdoor catering serving 100% Indian vegetarian cuisine.