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Pure Veg Restaurant In Dubai - Recent reports show that Indian cuisine ranked among the top five in the list of best global cuisines, in a study conducted by Taste Atlas. This rising popularity of Indian cuisine lies in its simple recipes that have been cooked by every Indian household for centuries. Also, Indiacuisinees is known for its perfect blend of some of the unique herbs and spices that alone might not be good for taste. Even in Dubai, there are several places for having Indian dishes but MyGovindas is the best Pure Veg Restaurant in Dubai that not only serves authentic Indian food. But also provide a wholesome experience to its customers. When it comes to running a successful restaurant, it is much more than serving good food. And MyGovindas understand it very well. 

Here, you will get to enjoy home-cooked food that is not only freshly prepared but comes in the same simplicity. This will bring back your homeland memories. Also, MyGovindas has a comfortable yet soothing ambience where you can enjoy a great time with your family and loved ones. Currently, MyGovindas is operating in four different locations in the UAE offering the most authentic Indian food. However, if you have any queries for us, then feel free to reach out to us by calling us at +971 4 396 0088 or you can email us at

What Makes Indian Cuisine Popular?

The thing that comes to mind for any foreigner after hearing about India is curry. It is a stereotype attached to Indian cuisine but it is much more than that. This image has slowly changed across the globe with globalization & internet. Now, the world has been introduced to the wholesome culinary experience. There is no place where you can’t find an Indian restaurant. Here in Dubai, several Indian restaurants are offering traditional food. Some basic factors make Indin cuisine gain popularity not only in Dubai but worldwide. 

  • First of all, Indians migrating to other countries bring culture and food to the new place. Dubai is among the top places when it comes to Indian immigration. Even MyGovindas was started by an Indian immigrant in the 2000s. 
  • Secondly, some popular spice blends can be easily found in the market. Indian food is known for its richness and spiciness. But it is much more than that. As per the Ayurveda, sattvic food needs to be simple, nutritional-packed, and freshly prepared. Also, food is not only a source of nutrition but also a holistic system for the well-being of the body and mind. 
  • Vegetarian and vegan dietary lifestyles are gaining popularity. But in Indian cuisine, you will find many options for all vegan lovers. The best part of Indian food is the diversity in terms of options and flexibility. 
  • Cooking an Indian dish is simple and most of them are easy-to-follow recipes. People are now becoming health conscious and looking for simple, tasty & healthy recipes. Here, Indian cuisine comes to the rescue by offering numerous healthy snacks & full-course recipes that anyone can cook. That’s why Indian cuisine is winning everyone's hearts! 

MyGovindas – Top Pure Veg Restaurant In Dubai

MyGovindas came into existence in 2001. A family-owned restaurant that serves only pure vegetarian Indian food based on the teaching of Ayurveda’s sattvic cuisine. Here, you find all the popular and delicious Indian food based on the sattvic diet. Sattvic diet simply means freshly prepared food from freshly fetched ingredients. As per Ayurveda, food plays an important role not only in providing nutrition & energy to the body. But the food we eat reflects our mindset. So, it is important to take care of what we are eating for a healthy body and mind. The founder of MyGovindas, Mahesh Advani started the restaurant after finding fewer options in vegetarian food in Dubai. 
Here at MyGovindas, you find a carefully curated menu that brings all the unique flavours and reflects the diversity of Indian cuisine in a true sense. MyGovindas is operating in five popular locations in UAE, including-

  • JLT Shop No. 11, Podium Level, Platinum Tower, Cluster I, JLT, Dubai, UAE
  • Karama Burjuman Centre Street 4A, Behind Regent Palace Hotel, Dubai, UAE
  • Silicon OasisShop No.4, Al Hathboor Residence Building, Opposite Silicon Oasis Mall, Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE
  • Al Arjan Vincitore Boulevard, Shop No. 6, Opposite Miracle Garden, Al Arjan, Dubai, UAE
  • Deira - Deira Waterfront Shop 5&6, Maryam Building 1, Dubai - United Arab Emirates

In addition, MyGovindas serves delicious vegan food, gluten-free food, and even Jain food for breakfast, lunch, & dinner. Don’t worry! Our highly experienced chef takes special orders for customization. However, you can have multiple options within the menu itself. We take care of all your dietary requirements as you can have multiple options including oil-free and desi-ghee options. Now, let’s take a look at our wholesome menu. 

Pure Veg Restaurant In Dubai

Indulge Into The Delicious Indian Cuisine At MyGovindas!

Our menu covers all the flavours and tastes from every courier of India and showcases the diversity of cuisine of great India. Let's take a peek into the menu of MyGovindas - 

  • Popular Indian Street FoodHow can someone forget the mouthwatering snacks & chaat? MyGovindas serves a variety of snacks that includes dahi bhalla, dhokla, bhelpuri, kachori, samosa chaat, kachori chaat, dhokla, dahi puri, bhel puri, raj kachori, sev puri, and even matar kachori. Don’t miss iconic world-famous Indian street food – Vada pav, aloo tikki, pav bhaji, and matar kulcha. 
  • South Indian DishesMyGovindas is one of the best South Indian restaurants in Dubai where you can have some authentic dishes like idli sambar, paper masala dosa, vada sambhar, and uttapam. 
  • Healthy Corner We have a specially added section for health-conscious customers who want something healthy and tasty at the same time. We have freshly cooked soup, multiple options for salads, and even healthy starters. 
  • Tandoori Starters Order some delicious tandoori starters like paneer achari tikka, paneer malai tikka, kasturi gobi & broccoli, Makai seekh kebab, and so on. 
  • Pure Veg Main Course Dishes There is a huge variety of 100% vegetarian food including palak paneer, paneer kolhapuri, paneer makhanwala, paneer sandwich masala, Kadai vegetable, vegetable maharaja, Peshawari chole, Dal fry, dal panchratna, dal tadka, dal makhani, and variety of kofta dishes. 
  • MyGovindas Specialty MyGovindas dum aloo, Paneer Tikka Masala, Dahi Bhindi, Aloo Kolhapuri, and Aloo Bhindi Masala. 
  • Basmati Corner Plain rice, jeera rice, dal khichdi, Vrindavan khichdi, methi corn pulao, mixed vegetable pulao, and green peas pulao. 
  • Indian-Chinese CuisineHong Kong fried rice, triple schezwan rice, veg fried rice, veg hakka noodles, and schezwan noodles. 
  • Indian Mithai Gulab jamun (with rabri/without rabri), rasgulla, dal ka halwa, gajar ka halwa. 
  • Beverages There is a wide range of drinks, coolers, and mocktails at MyGovindas. This includes buttermilk, lassi, masala tea, thandai, jal jeera mojito, mango tango, and MyGovindas' unique paradise. 
  • Vegan Chaat We have a specially curated menu including vegan food options that are delicious and have authentic taste such as dahi bhalla, bhalla papdi, and dahi puri. Papdi chaat, and sprouts chaat. 

In addition, you find plenty of options for customizing the order in the menu itself. MyGovindas brings the taste of authentic Indian food with a perfect blend of modern dietary requirements. Also, MyGovindas never compromises the quality of food. Our ingredients are freshly supplied by local vendors and only use pure masala, spices, and oils. Our staff makes sure that the kitchen counter and storage have the optimum hygienic standards. We cover our hands and mouths with gear while cooking and serving. Even our private dining space is cleaned each day. 

What Makes MyGovindas The Top-Rated Pure Veg Restaurant In Dubai?

MyGovindas offers an exceptional experience where you can relax and enjoy delicious meals with your family & friends.  A perfect place for professional service, a great environment, and of course, mouth-watering Indian cuisine. Govindas' basic principle is to serve home-cooked fresh meals based on sattvic food. There are plenty of reasons that support the argument  that MyGovindas is the top-rated pure veg restaurant in Dubai, such as

  • Over 20+ Years Of Experience - MyGovindas started in the early 2000 with a mission of serving sattvic food at affordable rates in Dubai. We have been rated among the top 10 Indian restaurants in Dubai for offering tastiest Indian food. That’s why people prefer MyGovindas when it comes to vegetarian Indian cuisine in Dubai. 
  • Pricing - We make sure our food price reflects the service being offered to the customers. MyGovindas makes sure that every customer enjoys world-class service without fail.  We make sure that you get the full worth of your money while spending at MyGovindas. Apart from that, we have a fridge put in every outlet where you can put your remaining food and anyone in need can take that food, no question asked. 
  • 100% Vegetarian Indian Cuisine - MyGovindas is a popular place for having authentic pure veg Indian food in Dubai. We freshly fetched the ingredients and only used pure spices for making a dish. Our highly experienced chef freshly cooked the food with a proper covering of hair and mouth to avoid any kind of contamination. 
  • Cleanliness - Maintaining cleanliness is the utmost responsibility at MyGovindas. We have experienced staff that take training sessions to maintain the optimum level of service. Our restaurant is well-designed and we take proper care of contamination whether it is a dining area or kitchen. Also, MyGovindas staff take full care of maintaining a hygienic environment throughout the service. 
  • Variety Of Food - MyGovindas serves the most delicious pure veg food in Dubai with multiple dietary options. Such as vegan, gluten-free, healthy, and even Jain food. Even in Indian cuisines, we serve multiple options that include North Indian, South Indian, and Indian-Chinese cuisine. Moreover, MyGovindas is the go-to place for Indian mithai in Dubai where you can indulge in the sweetness of desi ghee laddu, ras malai, and so on. 
  • Healthy Food - We understand the special requirement for the young generation. That’s why we have a specially designed menu that incorporates a healthy recipe and you can even have your favourite recipe without oil and even vegan or gluten-free. Even our healthy snack range has the tastiest Indian healthy snacks that have the goodness of dry fruits, makhana, etc. 
  • World-Class Service - There is no other place like MyGovindas that provides a wholesome experience for having a delicious meal of home-cooked Indian meal in a soothing ambience inspired by Indian mythology. Our staff always makes sure that every customer has a great time after stepping into the MyGovindas outlet. 
  • Order Online - Most importantly, you can order food online and even takeaway services are available. Place an order via the official website and get amazing rewards & coupons on each order. Our cancellation policy is quite straightforward and we make sure our customer has a seamless experience while ordering. 

So, these factors make MyGovindas the best pure veg restaurant in Dubai where you can have mouth-watering authentic Indian cuisine. The best part is you can visit our outlet situated in prime locations across UAE or you can order online and earn some great rewards. So, next time craving for a simple, flavourful vegetarian Indian dish, think MyGovindas!

Contact Details

Address - Shop No. 11, Podium Level, Platinum Tower, Cluster 1, JLT, Dubai, UAE 
Contact No. - +971 56 261 4599, +971 4 5915155
OPEN ALL DAYS: 08:30 AM - 10:45 PM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question - Is veg food readily available in Dubai?

Answer - Absolutely yes, there are several good options available in Dubai for vegetarian food. However, if you are interested in Indian pure veg food, then you must visit MyGovindas.

Question - Do MyGovindas provide online order service?

Answer - Yes, you can place an order online from our nearest outlet through the official website and earn rewards for each order. Also, MyGovindas do take food orders via mobile. 

Question - Why MyGovindas is the best pure veg restaurant in Dubai?

Answer - MyGovindas is undoubtedly the best pure veg restaurant in Dubai because it offers a gastronomical experience where you can enjoy the most delicious Indian meal with your family & friends.