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Indian Chinese Restaurant in Dubai - Indian Chinese Cuisine or Desi-Chinese Cuisine is simply Chinese food with a twist of Indian flavours & spices. Chinese culinary influence on the Indian subcontinent dates back to the British Era & The Silk Route. Even the neighbouring countries of India & China like Nepal, & Bhutan have adopted this Indo-Chinese Cuisine that suits their palette. However, if you are craving some delicious spring rolls and hakka noodles, then you must visit the top Indian Chinese restaurant in Dubai. MyGovindas is a well-established brand that serves authentic Indian 100% vegetarian food in Dubai. 

Being a cosmopolitan city, Dubai attracts people from around the world. You can easily find all kinds of cuisines restaurants in Downtown Dubai. However, if you are particularly looking for Indian Chinese cuisine, then we highly recommend MyGovindas where you are not only going to enjoy affordable dishes. But there are plenty of vegan food options that you must try. Give us a call at +97143960088 or you can mail us at

Best Indian Chinese Restaurant In Dubai - MyGovindas 

First of all, MyGovindas is a 100 & vegetarian Indian cuisine restaurant that serves sattvic food. Our restaurant started its journey to serve vegetarian simple food in the emerging cosmopolitan city - of Dubai in early 2000. Currently, MyGovindas is running its outlets in five different locations including Deira, Silicon Oasis, Al Arjan, Karama, and JlT. MyGovindas believe in the teaching of Ayurveda and follow the concept of giving back to society. Thus, we are continuously working towards making our society better. To this day, MyGovindas has a significant contribution to different projects working on different aspects. For example, we have been working towards educating underprivileged children, taking care of tribal people by providing clean drinking water, and healthcare facilities, and also participating in the rehabilitation program during the Gujarat Earthquake (2001). 

Coming to our flavourful desi-style Chinese food, MyGovindas has a team of highly trained & experienced chefs that serve mouth-watering dishes. Whether you want to place an order online or experience the gastronomical dine-in, our team is always here to assist you. There are plenty of food options including vegan, gluten-free, and without-oil food. As MyGovindas believe in a sattvic lifestyle, here you will find simple home-cooked dishes. Thus, this is the perfect place to spend an eating good food with family and friends. 

Indian Chinese Restaurant in Dubai

Take A Look Into The Indian Chinese Dishes Available At MyGovindas 

If you are seeking a place to enjoy desi Chinese, then you must visit MyGovindas. Where you are not only getting plenty of options for Indian Chinese but also a great ambience to spend some quality time. Each dish is prepared and cooked fresh in a hygienic kitchen. Even our staff handle food with proper care of sanitization. So, here is the list of Indian Desi Chinese dishes being offered by MyGovindas- 

  • Veg Spring Roll - One of the common Indian Chinese dishes contains bell pepper, carrot, and cabbage.
  • Crispy Vegetable - Sauteed vegetables like beans, cabbage, bell pepper, etc in schezwan sauce until golden & crispy. 
  • Veg Manchurian Dry - A must-try popular dumpling made with fried vegetables with manchurian sauce. 
  • Paneer Chilli Dry - Paneer & bell pepper shallow fry with soya sauce, green chilli, and chilli sauce. 
  • Paneer Schezwan Dry - Fried cottage cheese with schezwan sauce. 
  • Paneer Chilli Gravy - It has cottage cheese, green chilli, capsicum, vinegar, and soya sauce. 
  • Veg Manchurian Gravy - Mix vegetable balls with green chilli, capsicum, and soya sauce. 
  • Gobi Manchurian Dry - Cauliflower, soya sauce, vinegar, green chilli, and capsicum 
  • American Chop Suey - Fried Noodles with carrots, beans, cabbage, capsicum, tomato sauce, and green chilis. 
  • Hong Kong Fried Rice - Rice sauteed in vinegar, tabasco, soya sauce, dry fruits, and red chilli is a must-try. 
  • Triple Schezwan Rice - Schezwan noodles & rice with gravy
  • Veg Fried Rice - Fried rice is among the common foods loved by everyone. This simple dish contains chopped vegetables like carrot and beans along with soya sauce & vinegar. 
  • Veg Hakka Noodles - One of the popular Indo-Chinese dishes, veg hakka noodles are made with vinegar, cabbage, beans, and carrots tossed in a hot pan with fried hakka noodles. 
  • Schezwan Noodles - Made with hakka noodles, schezwan sauce, cabbage, soya sauce, carrot, and vinegar in an authentic cooking style.

Some vegan Indian Chinese dishes available at MyGovindas are veg spring roll, veg manchurian dry, veg manchurian gravy, gobi manchurian dry, American chop suey, triple schezwan rice, veg fried rice, veg hakka noodles, and schezwan noodles. 

Highlights Of The Best Indo-Chinese Cuisine Restaurant In Dubai - MyGovindas 

MyGovindas always standout when it comes to delicious Indian food. But it is just not the food that makes us unique, but our team put their 100% in making the entire customer experience seamless and less time-consuming. Here at MyGovindas, we just do not assure authentic Indian vegetarian food but also offer world-class service. Each staff member goes through stringent training. Apart from it, MyGovindas is a go-to place for vegan lovers out there because we serve plenty of affordable vegan, gluten-free, and even Jain food in Dubai. We also focus on making our dine-in experience hassle-free where our customers relax and enjoy good food & spend quality time with loved ones. Moreover, if you want to enjoy food in the comfort of your home, then you can palace an order through our official website. MyGovindas offer takeaway service, and delivery service to nearby areas. You will get assured rewards by booking through MyGovindas' official website. Check now! Finally, if you have any queries for us, feel free to reach out to MyGovindas today! 

Contact Us 

Address - Burjuman Centre Street 4A, Behind Regent Palace Hotel, Dubai, UAE
Mobile No - +971 50 564 9227
Phone No - +971 4 396 0088
Open All Days: 08:30 AM - 11:30 PM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question - Is there any Indian Chinese Restaurant in Dubai?

Answer - Yes, MyGovindas is the must-visit Indian Chinese Restaurant in Dubai.

Question - What are some popular Indo-Chinese food in Dubai?

Answer - Some popular Indian-Chinese dishes are hakka noodles, spring rolls, paneer chilli dry, and fried rice.