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Small Party Catering Dubai - If you have planned a party or small gathering before, then you clearly understand the stress, and hard work put into making this party a success. Don’t worry, this time we will help you to organize and cater the event. MyGovindas is the top-rated Indian restaurant that also deals in small party catering Dubai. For MyGovindas, it is never about the small or big parties/events but about delivering quality services to our clients.  

Usually, small parties constitute family members and friends. But still, it is a hefty task of a never-ending to-do list of finalizing the menu, budget, decor, and entertainment, and do not forget the last-minute hassle. Not only is it stressful before the main event but also nerve-racking job cleaning & final payments to numerous people. What if we tell you that you can put in all the hard work and tension by hiring MyGovindas and only do the minimal job of finalizing the items in just one seating? We can have a meeting where we can discuss the budget and what kind of party you want and we will come up with a possible and unique party theme. Also, you can customize things as per your requirement. So, if you are interested in hiring MyGovindas for your next small party of yours, then call us at +97143960088 or write us at

Is Hiring a Catering Service Worth it?

Usually, people think planning the party by themselves is much cheaper than hiring a catering service in Dubai. But in most scenarios, it is not true. Having a catering service for small parties can be affordable if it is not cheaper. There are countless things people usually forget when thinking of planning the event by themselves. 

  • First of all, preparing the food by themselves is a time-consuming process and in most cases, you will end up buying more ingredients than required. Also, in most cases, these extra ingredients ended up in the dustbin. However, if you are thinking of buying ready-to-eat food then it will cost much more than cooking by yourself. 
  • Secondly, by hiring MyGovindas catering service, there is no need to have extra help. This can help you save extra bucks and no need to worry about last-minute hassles at the supermarket.
  • Thirdly, get an Indian food menu only at MyGovindas. MyGovindas offers extensive 100% vegetarian food, Indian street food, Indian sweets, south & north Indian food, and vegan & gluten-free food items for small party catering Dubai. You will not get this amazing and affordable customize food menu other than at MyGovindas. 
  • Lastly, there is no need to hire someone for cleanup if you hire a caterer instead. Cleaning is the most annoying task after the party. So, if you hire MyGovindas catering services you can cut this kind of extra cost. 

So, rather than thinking of finding a cheaper catering service, find the most affordable one that does not compromise the quality of service and food. You can make much more money by making wise decisions while finalizing the catering service. Therefore, if you are looking for one of the best catering companies in Dubai, then reach out to MyGovindas today!

Small Party Catering Dubai

Affordable Small Party Catering Dubai - MyGovindas

MyGovindas has a highly qualified team of chefs and caterers that will help you to plan a successful small gathering or private party. Whether you are planning a small party for a birthday or wedding anniversary celebration or any special occasion, MyGovindas catering service is here to make it extra special. All you need is to call us and we will provide you with the full details regarding the budget, theme decor, customized food menu, and so much more. We are the complete solution for your catering service. Also, we assured you will fully enjoy the party without any worry. MyGovindas catering staff will be there like a helping hand that takes care of all the last-minute hassles and arrangements. Therefore, you can hire the most affordable catering service in Dubai for your next small party like-

  • Birthday parties
  • Graduation parties
  • Wedding anniversaries, bridal showers
  • Family reunions
  • Corporate events or any business meeting, etc. 

Contact Us 

Address - Burjuman Centre Street 4A, Behind Regent Palace Hotel, Dubai, UAE
Mobile No - +971 50 564 9227
Phone No - +971 4 396 0088
Open All Days: 08:30 AM - 11:30 PM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question - What is MyGovindas catering specialty?

Answer - MyGovindas is a popular 100% vegetarian Indian restaurant known for its sattvic food, south & north Indian food, and authentic Indian sweets & street food. 

Question - How to book MyGovindas catering service in Dubai?

Answer - You can simply call us at  +97143960088 or write to us at for booking MyGovindas catering service for any small or big event.