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Corporate Catering Companies In Dubai - Are you looking for the top corporate catering companies in Dubai? MyGovindas is the leading catering company in Dubai that serves affordable yet delicious Indian food. Food and events go hand-in-hand and similarly for any company, providing food to its employees is hectic and costly. But if we tell you that hiring a catering company like MyGovindas for corporate catering service in Dubai is quite affordable and hassle-free. 

MyGovindas is the top Indian restaurant in Dubai that serves only 100% vegetarian sattvic food in Dubai. We have been operating in more than five locations and deal in catering services as well. We offer economical catering solutions that are 100% customized and assured of quality food. Therefore, for further information, you can call MyGovindas catering service at +97143960088 or write us at

Corporate Catering | An Overview

Did you know? Catering service in companies/organizations/corporates/industries is not a new concept but has been there since 1815. Robert Owen was the first to start the concept of an eating room for employees & families in the British Textile Industry. Due to this reason, Robert Owen is known as the “The Father of Industrial Catering”. Also, by the early 1900s, other industries started a similar concept including vending machines, cafeterias, and self-service counters as it had a positive effect on the productivity of the plant. 

Corporate Catering is a type of catering in which food is served to the employees of a company. It can be a one-time event or a daily basis, including training, seminars, and meetings. Also, there is the further categorization of corporate catering - 

  • Individual orders - In this, each one of the employees can place an order to the respective restaurant and get a meal as per the order. 
  • Platters - Platters have lots of variety and are quite affordable. 
  • Buffet-style - In buffet-style, there are plenty of options to choose from and it can be expensive depending upon the catering service provider in Dubai. 
  • Food truck - As it sounds, a food truck is placed for a specific period and only needs to pay to reserve the truck for that time being. 
  • Popup Restaurant - In this, people from the restaurant take the order from the workplace and deliver it. 

Corporate Catering Companies In Dubai

Why Corporate Catering is Popular?

  • Over the past decade, companies are considering factors, perks, and benefits that can lead to a more employee-centric working culture. And one factor is engagement, it can be within the team, interdepartmental, or across the hierarchy. Only food is the binding force and the survey showed that companies with high employee engagement have more profits. 
  • Also, over 70% of employees are happy if the company provides food at work. This led to an overall improvement in productivity and employee satisfaction rate.  
  • For any company, recruitment, and retention is the most time-consuming and expensive process. New hires agreed that they are more likely to choose a company that offers food or at least a lunch facility. 
  • Many IT companies do have their catering service or cafeteria in the workplace that helps the employee to stay in the office for long hours in case of deadlines, leading to an increase in productivity. 

Leading Corporate Catering Companies In Dubai - MyGovindas

When it comes to the highly-rated corporate catering companies in Dubai, MyGovindas always come to the top. MyGovindas started in 2001, a family-owned business based on the philosophy of Ayurveda and Sattvic food. In simple words, sattvic food means freshly prepared simple food that is not only good for your health but for mental peace. Also, the entire menu of  MyGovindas is 100% vegetarian with vegan & gluten-free food dishes. Coming to the corporate catering service, we do serve breakfasts and lunches made from only fresh ingredients in 100% hygienic places where the entire staff wears caps and gloves. Also, we packed food in especially sustainable designed boxes where there is no mixing, no leakage, and keeps the food fresh. Also, we do offer buffet service with spacious seating arrangements. Here are some highlights of MyGovindas as among the top 10 catering companies in UAE 

  • 100% Vegetarian Indian Food 
  • Chaat Counter (authentic Indian street food)
  • Fresh Juice & other Traditional Indian Beverages are available
  • Lunch Boxes are Available 
  • Live Stations 
  • Desserts (Indian sweets & Tru Frut)

At last, reach out to MyGovindas for amazing and affordable corporate catering service in Dubai on the following details!

Contact Us 

Address - Burjuman Centre Street 4A, Behind Regent Palace Hotel, Dubai, UAE
Mobile No - +971 50 564 9227
Phone No - +971 4 396 0088
Open All Days: 08:30 AM - 11:30 PM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question - What is the average catering cost in Dubai?

Answer - The average catering cost starts from AED 50 to AED 500 per person. 

Question - What do you mean by corporate catering?

Answer - Corporate catering simply means serving food to the employees of a company. It can be a one-time event/seminar or a regular one.