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You are What you Eat - When we talk of nourishment, it is often said that your thoughts are defined by the type of food you intake. No matter how active you are, if you do not make the right dietary choices, you would never be able to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy is an art that requires a deep understanding of the intrinsic quality of the food you consume. The food we consume directly nourishes the body and creates a foundation for a healthy mind and soul.

While some foods can activate the inner soul and unlock the stream of pure thoughts, most of the fast-food that we are used to just increases our lethargy. The key to healthy living is in adopting pure vegetarianism and choosing sattvic food.

The Power of Sattvik Food:

Sattvik food is known to be pure, natural, clean, energetic, and vital for a healthy mind, soul, and body. Such preparations are said to be the most gut-friendly foods and the body can digest them easily. Sattvik diet is a composition of organic raw and cooked seasonal fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains, and a lot more. A wholesome sattvic meal is not tasteless but includes six vital flavors namely, sweet, bitter, sour, salt, pungent, and astringent using fresh produce only.

When the diet is prepared using the above principles, it becomes pure, light, and propagates clarity when consumed.

The Importance of Vegetarianism:

Vegetarianism is a strong concept when it comes to a sattvic diet. According to ancient scriptures, every element in the universe has a guna (quality). Different foodstuffs we consume also are indifferent Gunas (qualities).

Sattvik foods are all about vegetarian ingredients that are grown, organically without harming Mother Nature. At the same time, the sattvic diet does not include meat, processed foods, and other foods that directly or indirectly are responsible for an imbalance in nature. This means the food is pure from negative gunas and a person consumes only those ingredients that are in harmony with nature.

Being a vegetarian, hence, is essential for lightness, peace, and clarity. When only harmonious gunas are transferred within, a person is sure to have only positive and constructive thoughts. This is not the case with other kinds of foodstuff.

Thus the food we intake has a direct effect on our consciousness and we become what we eat. To remain clear, focused, and pure in consciousness, the foodstuff we eat should be Sattvik i.e. in the modes of goodness.

In order to experience the impact of a sattvic diet, please dine at MYGOVINDAS. Sattvik culture is imbibed in every aspect of preparation to a presentation that will help you reinvigorate your thoughts, clear the clutter, and take the first step towards healthy living. Remember you are what you eat!