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How to Stick to a Yogic Diet in the Modern, Fast-paced World? - The food we eat sets up a foundation for the nourishment of our body and mind. Time and again, studies have found a correlation between a balanced diet, a healthy body, and a sound mind. With the help of sattvic food one can easily keep the mind calm and the body in proper shape. You might be wondering what actually the diet of a yogi is and how to stick to it in the modern world full of sumptuous temptations.

The Diet of a Yogi: Healthy Food for Healthy Living

According to the Vedic philosophy, everything in nature possesses one of the three qualities or Gunas – Tamasik (Ignorance), Rajasik (Passion), or Sattvik. (Goodness). A yogic diet is considered to be Sattvik and is harmonious with nature. Such a diet includes natural and organic ingredients that enhance the clarity of the mind and keep the body light.

Sattvik diet is the purest form of nourishment for the body that helps in the purification of the mind and maintaining a peaceful state. Ultimately, such a diet leads to true health owing to a balanced flow of energy between the mind and the body. Sattvik foods include the following:

  1. Organic & fresh vegetables and fruits
  2. Fresh dairy products
  3. Unsalted nuts and seeds
  4. Whole grains
  5. Legumes
  6. Mild spices including basil, cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, cumin, fennel, fenugreek, fresh ginger, and turmeric
  7. Herbs like tulsi and rose
  8. Tips for Yogic or Sattvik Living

1. Follow Vegetarianism

If you wish to maintain a healthy and sattvic lifestyle, the first change you should make is to avoid meat and eggs. The diet of a yogi should be vegetarian. The pure-vegetarian diet offers wholesome nutrition

2. Make lunch the heaviest meal of your day

According to Ayurveda, the digestive system is at its maximum capacity at noon every day. So, your afternoon meal should be the most important meal and should include salads, vegetables, vegan proteins, sprouts, and oil-free cooked preparations. Avoid eating heavy foods after lunch.

3. Create a regular eating schedule and stick to it

For healthy living, you need to train your body to eat at a fixed time. As the body operates in cycles, making a schedule and sticking to it enhances digestive function. When you have a fixed mealtime, the body anticipates calorie intake at that time every day and kick starts the digestive system to absorb nutrients in an effective way.

With the help of the above tips, you can easily transition from unhealthy eating habits to a balanced Yogic diet. For a great Sattvik dining experience in Dubai, please visit us at MYGOVINDAS. Start eating Sattvik and take the first step towards healthy living.