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Why go vegan? All the reasons that matter for your body - Going vegan has become the trend of 2018. Be it Dubai, or any other corner of the world, all types of people from the likes including Hollywood stars, sports celebrities, celebrity chefs, and businessmen are turning vegan. At its surface, many people believe that going vegan has more to do with the ‘cultural aspects’ of coming under peer pressure or because of the constant social media message bombardment, or maybe, there are just many new vegetarian restaurants in Dubai for people to try!

Healthy Benefits of Going Vegan

If you really think that a phenomenon that has the belief of several hundred million people coming from different walks of life globally is a result of a cultural ‘manipulation’ – you need to think again. Here, you will read some of the finest health benefits your body experience if you go vegan:

1. Do it to cleanse your body. Everything ultimately melts down to your behavioral instincts. When you are consuming meat, your preference is to have that tasty, oily, juicy piece of meat – not to fill up your hunger, not to stay fit but only for the sake of the taste. Mostly you will also consume other beverages and food products that are there only for the taste. No one is saying that vegan food cannot be as tasty as meat, dairy, and poultry products – but once you go vegan, your preferences change. All of a sudden, you are focusing on all the nutrients that go into your diet because unlike meat which packs a whole lot of good and bad into one bite, you have to plan out your vegan diet to keep consuming your regular nutritional needs. Hence, health becomes a priority. In addition to this, once you go vegan, your body starts sending you to urinate more frequently – this helps your inner self to stay cleansed more often.

2. Do it to be at the best of your lean shape. You may wonder if you are hitting one of the vegetarian restaurants in Dubai instead of your gym, how will you stay lean? The fact is that if you are working out to get bulky and participate in the Olympian Body Building Championship – don’t read any further. Go to the gym, right now, and have your tank full of protein shakes! If you have a more practical outlook at life, want to live a healthy life for yourself, and focus on the fundamentals such as core strength, immunity, and longer-lasting stamina – going vegan can help you a lot. Vegetable and plantation-centric food do not fill you up with unwanted carbs or processed food chemicals that are difficult to process. Instead, it makes you get all the essentials and stay healthy.

3. Do it for your heart – literally. No, this is not the argument that talks about the saving of animals, or more food for the economy, or even helping the poor farmers in several corners of the world – although that is true, so is the health of your heart. Going vegan helps you stay away from cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes.

So you get to live a healthy, happy, fulfilling, and even tasty life or you get to fall prey to the ‘archaic animalistic instincts of the Homo Sapiens’ – the choice is yours.