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Best Breakfast In Abu Dhabi - Did you know? The word breakfast was first added to the English dictionary in the 15th century but originally, it has been long before that. It simply means breaking a fast, morning food, or morning meal. There are many traditions followed in different cultures regarding the first meal of the day. However, if you are craving for having the best breakfast in Abu Dhabi, then we have a perfect place for you. MyGovindas is a 100% vegetarian restaurant that serves mouth-watering Indian healthy breakfast. 

There are plenty of options that you must try at MyGovindas. We cooked fresh food with quality ingredients. Also, MyGovindas is famous for its tasty, nutritious, and vegetarian food in Abu Dhabi. There are vegan food, and gluten-free options available. Moreover, MyGovindas is a popular place for Indian sweets shops in Abu Dhabi, and Dubai. However, if you have any queries for us, then feel free to reach out to us at +971 52 543 8267 or email us at

Best Breakfast In Abu Dhabi

Try Some Delicious Breakfast Options At MyGovindas!

  • Vada Pav - Vada Pav holds a much more strong reputation than as an Indian street food. It is a staple food from the state of Maharashtra. It is a must-try dish with a cup of masala tea at MyGovindas as breakfast. It is a deep-fried mashed boiled potato with some authentic spices & sauces with a bun. 
  • Idli Sambar - A fluffy steamed cake made with fermented rice and lentil batter. Idli sambar is a traditional South Indian food. It is a healthy breakfast option that is usually served with Sambar and coconut chutney. Here at MyGovindas, we freshly prepared sambar with plenty of vegetables and coconut chutney containing no preservatives. 
  • Masala Dosa - A thin-crust dosa with sambar & coconut chutney as a side dish is perfect for health-conscious people out there. It has a tangy flavor, crisp, and tender at the same time. Also, Masala dosa is a gluten-free breakfast option as dosa batter is usually prepared from overnight soaked rice, urad dal, and chana dal. Sambhar is lentil stew with lots of vegetables. 
  • Uttapam - MyGovindas serve two kinds of uttapam, one is tomato uttapam and mixed vegetable uttapam. A healthy breakfast option made with a fermented batter of rice and urad dal that is served with pickle, chutney, and sambhar. 
  • Pav Bhaji - Mumbai’s popular fast food “pav bhaji” has a long history back in 1850. It is a spicy stew of mashed vegetables with fluffy bread tossed in pure butter. Pav Bhaji is a must-try at MyGovindas with a cup of tea. 
  • Choley Bhaturey - Choley Bhaturey is among the popular lazy breakfast options on Sunday mornings. A perfect combination of spicy chickpeas with bhaturey, it is just delicious! Even though it may be some more calories and not such a  healthy option, no one can say no to MyGovindas special choley bhaturey. 
  • Paratha - This list cannot be complete without Paratha. There are endless versions of paratha and each tastes equally amazing. MyGovindas is famous for its paratha and you must try it as a perfect option. There is aloo paratha, mixed paratha, laccha paratha, and so on. All are freshly prepared and served with curd, masala tea, and pickle. 

One Of The Best Places For Breakfast In Abu Dhabi - MyGovindas

MyGovindas started its journey in 2001, focusing on serving healthy sattvic vegetarian Indian food. We are holding the teaching of Ayurveda with modern values. There is a great ambiance inspired by mythology, a perfect place for family and friends to enjoy world-class service. MyGovindas is always one of the go-to best places for breakfast in Abu Dhabi where you can find numerous options. We always have something for everyone, whether you want something spicy, vegan-free food, gluten-free, fast food, or healthy breakfast. MyGovindas got you covered. Not only that, our restaurant is a highly affordable restaurant for enjoying a delicious breakfast. Most importantly, you can place an order online as well as takeaway available at our restaurant. You can earn exciting rewards and discounts on each order. So, why are you still craving some delicious Indian breakfast? Place your order now only at MyGovindas. However, if you have any trouble, feel free to reach out to us now!

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Address - Abu Dhabi 
Phone No. - +971 52 543 8267
OPEN ALL DAYS: 10:00 AM - 10:30 PM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question - Is Indian breakfast healthy?

Answer - In most cases, Indian breakfast has more nutritional value such as uttapam, dosa, and idli sambar. There are several food options that you can use to your taste and preference. 

Question -  What are the most common breakfast food options in India?

Answer - Stuffed paratha, dosa, and idli sambar are the most common breakfast food options in India.