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Vegan Restaurant In Abu Dhabi - Whenever it comes to a vegan or plant-based diet, MyGovindas is the best vegan restaurant in Abu Dhabi. MyGovindas started its journey in 2001 serving sattvic Indian food based on the teaching of Ayurveda. If you are vegan, then you must visit MyGovindas in Abu Dhabi serving top-quality plant-based dishes. We are functioning in other locations including Dubai, JLT, Karama, Silicon Oasis, and Arjan. 

Also, we do provide takeaway and home delivery services in Abu Dhabi. You can order online and enjoy your favourite meal in the comfort of your home. Otherwise, you can visit MyGovindas to have amazing service, delicious food, and an aesthetic ambience with your loved ones. However, if you have any queries, then reach out to us either by calling us at +971 52 543 8267 or emailing us at

Know More About Veganism and Its Rise

The term veganism was coined by Dorothy Morgan and Donald Watson in 1944 but its history can be traced back to the Indus Valley civilization. As it is derived from the word vegetarian, which means vegetable diet. As we are familiar with, Indians have the highest percentage of vegetarians in the world. Several historical figures and philosophers advocated strict vegetarianism. However, with time, vegetarianism is getting popular in the United States and Britain. The Vegetarian Society was established in 1843. The vegan term was first introduced in 1944 by a vegetarian society member for devoting to non-dairy vegetarianism. Over the period, veganism as a philosophy rose across the globe. It states that living a life without any kind of cruelty, or exploitation and promoting animal-free alternative food options. 

Later on, the vegan diet made entry into the mainstream in late 2010. Right now, there are several classes of veganism that people follow but they can sum up into three major categories- ethical vegan (due to religious restraints like Hindus), environmental vegan (strong belief against industrial farming, and exploitation), and medical reasons. Within the time frame of 10 years, vegan supermarkets, restaurants, snacks, etc are available in most the cities of the world. Being a global city, Abu Dhabi does have plenty of vegan food restaurants. 

Vegan Restaurant In Abu Dhabi

Wholesome Benefits Of A Vegan Food Diet

  • The vegan diet is a recommended diet regime by numerous academies, societies, and associations across the globe, including the American Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, the British Dietetic Association, the New Zealand Ministry of Health,  and so much more. Most vegan diets are rich in dietary fibre, vitamin C, iron, Vitamin E, folic acid, phytochemicals, magnesium, etc. 
  • Switching to a vegan diet significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular, type 2 diabetes, cancer, etc. A plant-based diet has a high amount of phytochemicals and antioxidants that lower the risk of having all these life-risk illnesses. 
  • Recent studies show that vegan lovers are more compassionate and happier than non-vegans. Also, it helps in skin glow and assists in losing extra kilos. As plant-based food has much fewer calories. 
  • Also, a plant-based diet lowers pain in arthritis and is good for heart health. Because vegan food is rich in fibre. Having plant-based food helps in increasing energy levels and has a positive effect on patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. 

Best Vegan Restaurant In Abu Dhabi - MyGovindas

MyGovindas is one of the top 10 Indian vegetarian restaurants in Abu Dhabi. First of all, MyGovindas serve 100% vegetarian food with world-class customer service that you will be enjoying in a soothing ambience. Not only, our restaurant serves plant-based food but also there are plenty of options for gluten-free food. All the dishes are cooked in hygienic conditions from fresh ingredients. Here is the list of vegan dishes served by MyGovindas- 

  • Soup - Asparagus Soup, Baby corn soup, Clear vegetable soup, Coriander lemon soup, Hot n, sour soup and Manchow soup.
  • Salad - Watermelon & avocado, mon sprout salad, red & green salad, chatpata noodle salad, Mexican baby corn, Thai spinach nut salad, etc.
  • Indian Street Food - Aloo chat, Bhej Puri, pani puri, broccoli tikki, masala papad, french fries, and methi tikki. 
  • Main course - Kadai vegetable, makai palak, tawa vegetables, vegetable kolhapuri, green peas masala, vegetable Badami, Punjabi chole, dal fry, dal palak, methi dal, etc. 
  • Starters (Chinese) - Gobi Manchurian, vegetable spring roll, chilli finger, crispy potato chilly, etc. 
  • MyGovindas Specialty - Aloo bhindi masala, aloo Kolhapuri, kadai aloo bhindi masala, bhindi bhujia
  • Basmati Special - Jeera rice, khichdi, corn pulao, etc. 

Contact Us 

Address - Abu Dhabi 
Phone No. - +971 52 543 8267
OPEN ALL DAYS: 10:00 AM - 10:30 PM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question - Which is the best vegan restaurant in Abu Dhabi?

Answer - MyGovindas is the best vegan restaurant in Abu Dhabi serving delicious vegan food at affordable prices.

Question - Does vegan food cost more in Abu Dhabi?

Answer - Not at all, vegan food is readily available in Abu Dhabi and is quite affordable. There are restaurants like MyGovindas serving plenty of vegan dishes that you must try.