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Indian Mithai Boxes In Dubai - Dubai is truly a city of a luxurious and futuristic city that offers lavish lifestyles and enjoyable activities. But when it comes to enjoying traditional mouthwatering Indian mithai, MyGovindas is the place you need to visit in Dubai. The Indian mithai boxes in Dubai by MyGovindas are the perfect example of a celebration of flavours, where each mithai is carefully prepared and packaged. Our mithai box is a celebration of tradition & culture in the form of mouthwatering sweets such as kaju katli, chikki, ladoos, gulab jamun, rasgulla, ras malai, and so many more.

MyGovindas is a perfect example of experiencing a mini Indian within the luxurious city of Dubai. Here at MyGovindas, we have been serving authentic Indian cuisine for more than two decades in Dubai & currently operating in five locations. Our gift baskets are a blend of international treats, but they also honour the rich Indian traditions in their choice of items. Here, you have plenty of choices of Indian mithai that come with attractive packaging. However, if you have any questions in mind, then feel free to reach out to MyGovindas today. Call us at +971562694588, +97145918805 or mail us at

Indian Mithai & Its Significance 

Sweets or Indian mithai have significant importance in Indian culture that plays much more role than satisfying sweet cravings. Mithai symbolize affection, joy, and prosperity. Also, gift loved ones a box of mithai as a token of appreciation & affection. Moreover, the art of making a mithai has been passed down through generations. India has a very special relationship with sweets. No festival is complete without a box of rasgulla, gulab jamun, or laddu. Even if you are residing in Dubai, MyGovindas has managed to bring the nostalgia of celebrating Diwali, Eid, Holi, etc with family & loved ones. Most importantly, gifting sweets has a cultural importance that symbolises support and empathy. MyGovindas is doing the same task of connecting people, tradition, and community by serving authentic Indian cuisines including mithai.    

What Makes MyGovindas A Heaven For Indian Mithai In Dubai?

You will find the best Indian Mithai Boxes in Dubai at MyGovindas. The delicious, mouth-watering, and attractive packaging stands out at MyGovindas. We have created an extraordinary variety of delightful pleasures, expertly designed to enchant taste buds and hearts alike, elevating the art of gift-giving. The enchantment of MyGovindas' sweet gift basket in Dubai will be demonstrated as we explore the delicious options of this Indian sweets paradise furthermore. 

  • Perfect Spill-Proof Packaging - MyGovindas makes sure that every mithai is packed with utmost care and show be leakage-proof. As we all know, Indian mithai sometimes can be messy! Our mithai boxes are elegant and visually appealing, and they are embellished with complex motifs and artistic flair, making them the ideal present for any celebration. We assured you that our attractive packaging will leave a long-lasting impression and is a perfect gift option whether it is a birthday celebration, festival, or any other happy event.
  • 100% Custom-Made Indian Mithai Boxes - MyGovindas understands the value of customization. Since we understand that everyone has different tastes, we let customers customise their sweet gift baskets. Customers can choose their favourite sweets and delights, or they can specify their nutritional restrictions. So, purchase a 100% tailor-made mithai box filled with your favourite mithai at MyGovindas! 
  • Top-Notch Quality - At MyGovindas, excellence is paramount. To guarantee that only the best Indian mithai make it into the hands of clients, each sweet included in the gift basket is put through a thorough quality inspection process. Throughout the entire process, from selecting the ingredients to cooking and to the final presentation, our staff took care of everything to ensure the utmost hygienic environment. 
  • Spreading Happiness and Joy - Indian Mithai Boxes from MyGovindas go beyond being a straightforward present to represent joy and happiness. Giving something as pleasant as these delicacies as a gift makes individuals feel cosy and connected. Our boxes can spread smiles and generate cherished memories that will last a lifetime, whether it be among friends, family, or coworkers.

So, this makes MyGovindas mithai boxes a perfect gift for any occasion. So, for the next happy occasion, visit MyGovindas!

Indian Mithai Boxes In Dubai

Buy Delicious Indian Mithai Boxes In Dubai At MyGovindas!

With delicious and authentic Indian mithai, MyGovindas has managed to carve out a particular spot in a city famed for its splendour and richness. Our sweet boxes offer the cosmopolitan population of Dubai a sensory experience through a great variety of flavours and textures, bringing joy, happiness, and a sense of tradition. With MyGovindas' magnificent sweet gift boxes, in which each mouthful is a wonderful experience worth savouring, you may embrace life's sweetness and the spirit of giving. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, a box containing desi ghee sweet is the most important part. Most importantly, there are several options to choose from, such as - 

  • Festival Special mithai boxes
  • Dure desi ghee sweets 
  • Khoya sweets 
  • Sugar-free sweets
  • Oil-free sweets
  • Vegan sweets 
  • Healthy Fox nut snacks 
  • Namkeen 

At last, we hope you find all the details regarding Indian mithai boxes in Dubai. So, let MyGovindas be your go-to location for the nicest and most delicious Indian mithai in Dubai. Visit MyGovindas today & try some mouth-watering mithai!

Contact Us 

Address - Shop No.4, Al Hathboor Residence Building, Opposite Silicon Oasis Mall, Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE
Phone No. - +971 56 269 4588, +971 4 591 8805
OPEN ALL DAYS: 08:30 AM - 11:30 PM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question -Where can I place an order for online delivery of Indian mithai or sweets in Dubai?

Answer - Check out an extensive list of pure Indian mithai and place an order online for hassle-free delivery in Dubai at MyGovindas.

Question - Which is the best Indian sweets shop in Dubai?

Answer - MyGovindas is a must-visit, one of the best Indian sweets shops in Dubai. 

Question - Which is the most popular Indian mithai in Dubai?

Answer - There are many popular Indian mithai in Dubai, but the most loved mithai are ras malai, gulab jamun, and rasgulla.