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Vegan Sweet Hamper In Dubai - Indian cuisine has much more to offer than you think. There are multiple options when it comes to Indian vegan sweets. Some of the worldwide popular mithai come with vegan options like gulab jamun, kaju katli, carrot halwa, and so much more. So, if you are struggling to find the best gift for your vegan friend, then you must gift a vegan sweet hamper in Dubai. MyGovindas is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity where you can all kinds of gift hampers and baskets at affordable rates. 

Hampers and baskets are among the common gifting options in the market. There are several reasons behind the rising popularity of gift hampers and baskets including the freedom to fully customized the hamper, add all the small things you otherwise will not be able to gift, a perfect gift for every occasion, and excitement on the receiving end of a vegan hamper. Therefore, if you want to buy a vegan sweet hamper in Dubai, then must visit MyGovindas today! For any kind of queries, feel free to call us at +971562694588, +97145918805 or mail us at

Is Vegan Mithai Possible?

Yes, several mithai recipes clearly show that vegan mithai is there in our culture for hundreds of years. Mithai is just not a sweet syrup but it contains aromatic spices, nuts, fruits, and many more regional ingredients With the increasing demand for vegan mithai, MyGovindas came up with an extensive mithai made especially for all the vegan lovers out there. In our vegan sweet hamper, we have specially curated recipes as per veganism. Indian mithai is already famous for its unique taste, and texture. Now, MyGovindas is making it popular for its flexibility which even has a place for vegan mithai. Our mithai is made in traditional ways but we keep the ingredients as per requirement. You can find plenty of options at MyGovindas at affordable rates. Not only do we keep our mithai authentic but also keep them healthy. Don’t worry! There will be no change in the texture and taste of your favourite mithai. But only now you can have your favourite chikki during your diet. 
There are several examples of vegan mithai such as kalakand, besan ke laddu, kaju katli, chikki, malpua, petha, soan papdi, and so on. So, it shows how diverse and complex Indian cuisine is and how much it has more flavours to offer to the world. 

Vegan Mithai is Available At MyGovindas 

Chikki is a popular Indian mithai that has two main ingredients nuts and jaggery. Across the states, there are different derivatives available, however, one of the popular chikkis is peanut chikki. It is made from peanuts. Apart from it, there are other ingredients used instead of peanuts, such as puffed rice, beaten rice, sesame, Bengal gram, and even desiccated coconut. However, to make chikki a healthy option, some do add cashews, pistachios, and almonds. However, here at MyGovindas, we have the most delicious traditionally made chikki made from healthy ingredients including- 

  • Apricot Chikki - Apricot has several benefits as it is rich in vitamins A, E, and C. and antioxidants. 
  • Prunes Chikki - Dried plums or prunes are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Prunes also lower cholesterol levels. 
  • Khajoor Chikki - Khajoor has many benefits such as improving the digestive system, preventing constipation, and many more. 
  • Anjeer Chikki - High in fibre and acting as a natural laxative, Anjeer is undoubtedly a superfood. 

Kaju Katli is another famous mithai n India that is also called Kaju barfi. Kaju means cashew and barfi means a thick slice of sugar and milk. However, there are other ingredients added such as dry fruits. Kaju Katli is must have mithai during Diwali and it comes with an edible silver foil. Apart from India, kaju barfi is popular in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nepal. Most importantly, MyGovindas serve 100% vegan kaju katli in Dubai at the best price. It has the same taste and is made with traditional methods. So, must try our vegan mithai on your next visit. 

Vegan Sweet Hamper In Dubai

Must Try MyGovindas Vegan Sweet Hamper In Dubai!

Even though veganism is a modern trend but vegan recipes are much more common in Indian cuisines for hundreds of years. We are not only the most diverse country but also have a complex relationship with food. Over the years, there is an influence of people coming to India from other parts of the world. In this modern era. Indian cuisine has a lot more to offer that includes vegan sweets. Here at MyGovindas, you can customize the vegan sweet hamper in Dubai at the best price.

  • Firstly, there are plenty of options of healthy options to choose from that not only vegan but also sugar-free sweets. 
  • Secondly, MyGovindas prepare mithai with traditional methods and do not use any kind of artificial flavouring or colouring agents. 
  • Thirdly, there are several options while purchasing sweet hampers and baskets at MyGovindas.
  • Most importantly, you can fully customise the vegan sweet hampers at MyGovindas.
  • Lastly, there are a handful of options for healthy snacks as well. Must try our fox nut which comes in different flavours. 

So, this was all about vegan sweet hamper in Dubai, for any kind of queries, feel free to reach out to MyGovindas today!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question - Is a vegan sweet hamper perfect for gifting purposes?

Answer - Absolutely! Veganism is the new trend and gifting a vegan sweet hamper is a perfect gift for a person who followed a vegan lifestyle. 

Question - Does the vegan sweet hamper comes with eco-friendly packaging?

Answer - Yes, you can reuse the vegan sweet hamper packaging and mostly is an eco-friendly material. 

Question - What are some popular vegan Indian mithai?

Answer - There is gajar ka halwa, besan ke laddu, coconut barfi, kaju katli, chikki and this list goes on. You must try some delicious vegan mithai at MyGovindas today!