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Sweets Gift Basket In Dubai - Dubai is a dazzling city that is a well-established luxury heaven to live in. Where different cultures live side by side. There is a significant Indian population in Dubai that also brings their unique culture, tasty food, festivities and most importantly, Indian mithai. However, if you are still looking for the best gift for an upcoming festival or event. For that, we have here to rescue, MyGovindas is the go-to place for a sweets gift basket in Dubai. Whatever the occasion, MyGovindas is the best place to find gift hampers in Dubai. 

Gift hampers are quite common kinds of gifting options that come with tons of options to choose from. You can not only fully-customised your gift basket but also reuse the packaging. So, if you are interested in ordering a sweets gift basket at MyGovindas, call us at +971562694588, +97145918805 or mail us at

Significance Of Mithai In Indian Culture

Sweets have a significant role in every culture and especially in India.“Sweets” or “mithai” are usually shared with loved ones, family, and friends. Mithai is not just a delicious, mouth-watering sweet item loved by millions but it is an important part of Indian culture as no happy occasion is complete without laddus, gulab jamun, or barfi. It symbolises affection, joy, prosperity, and good gestures towards the other person. Also, mithai has been used for hundreds of years of old religious practices and even offered to deities on any auspicious occasion. Whatever event, whether a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or small or big achievement, sharing mithai is an unsaid rule in India. 

Not only that, mithai as a gifting option is much more common than you think. It shows affection, appreciation, gratitude, support, and even empathy. Whatever the event, mithai feet perfectly. Did you know? There are many mithai-making shops actively functioning for four generations for popular mithai in India. However, if you are residing in Dubai, then there is no need to visit to try authentic Indian sweets, just visit MyGovindas today! We have authentic Indian mithai made with unadulterated ingredients. 

Sweets Gift Basket In Dubai

Buy Sweets Gift Basket In Dubai At MyGovindas!

MyGovindas is the go-to place for enjoying authentic mithai that is made from pure desi ghee and quality dry fruits. MyGovindas offers a huge variety but also order custom gift hampers by adding items of your choice. Don’t worry if you are a vegan or health conscious, MyGovindas do serve a wide range of options including healthy sweets, zero sugar mithai, Fox Nut snacks varieties, and so on. Apart from it, MyGovindas do provide festival special hampers and seasonal mithai like mango mania at the best rates. Coming to our gift baskets, you can add or delete items as per your requirements. Our mithai baskets are affordable and come with world-class packaging. That truly feels like a luxury gift to give and receive. 

  • First of all, MyGovindas is offering a wide range of gift hampers in Dubai that you can customise as per your demand or requirement. 
  • Secondly, we have been operating for over two decades and managed to become a trusted name for an Indian sweets Shop In Dubai. 
  • Also, we came with exciting offers on every festival including Eid, Diwali, holi, and so on. Whatever the occasion, we got you covered!
  • Not only that, MyGovindas do provide corporate gifts in Dubai. But also provide plenty of options for every festival including Eid, Diwali, Holi, and so on. 
  • Lastly, there are vegan, oil-free, and sugar-free mithai options. You can also add healthy snack options like Foxnut. 

100% Custom-Made Sweets Gift Basket In Dubai | MyGovindas 

A gift basket is the perfect gift option when you are not able to decide or have too many options to form. It is like receiving small gifts that are selected after so many thoughts. It is an exciting experience being on the receiving end of a gift basket. Also, there are several reasons why people prefer buying a sweets gift basket such as personalization options, a well-thoughtful gift, excitement of mini gifts within the big basket, reusable packaging, and fit best for any kind of occasion. Now, let’s take a look into the options available at MyGovindas while customising a Mithai gift basket- 

  • Festival Special Baskets - There are plenty of options to choose from for every festival such as peanut chikki, khasta gajjak, Till roll, and so on.
  • Sugar-Free Healthy Sweets - There are plenty of healthy sugar-free mithai such as apricot chikki, khajoor chikki, prunes chikki, and anjeer chikki. Not only these sweets are sugar-free but also vegan-friendly,
  • Namkeen - Craving for Indian snacks? Don’t worry, we have some amazing options to choose such as besan padi, pudina mathri, namak para, masala para, gol mathri, besan,tikoni mathri, and so on.  
  • Desi Ghee Kaju & Ghee Sweets - No celebration is complete without pure desi ghee mithai. MyGovindas has the most delicious sweets in Dubai that include besan dry fruits, gulab jamun, lal rasbhari, milk cake, Mysore Pak, Kaju Katli, Kesar katli, and many more.
  • Foxnut - Foxnut is a healthy snack and we serve the most delicious fox nut snack options that include Fox Nut cheese, Fox Nut pudina, Foxnut home style, Foxnut pudina punch, and the list goes on.

At last, we hope you get all the details regarding the “sweets gift basket in Dubai”. You can order sweets online or visit our nearby store today! 

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Phone No. - +971 56 269 4588, +971 4 591 8805
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question - Where can I order custom sweets gift baskets in Dubai?

Answer - MyGovindas is Dubai's go-to place for ordering custom-made sweets gift baskets. We have corporate gift hampers, festive hampers, and plenty of healthy snacks options. 

Question - Which are the popular Indian sweets in Dubai?

Answer - Some of the most popular Indian sweets or mithai are gulab jamun, phirni, rasgulla, ladoo, and rabri.