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Vegan Restaurants Dubai - Vegan lifestyle is getting popular across the Globe and Dubai is also seeing new demand for vegan fine dining. If you are a vegan lover, then you came to the very right place. MyGovindas is the top-rated vegan restaurant in Dubai operating in 4 different places. Here, you will get to enjoy the best vegan sattvic food Indian food, freshly prepared, 100% pure, and of course delicious at one of the best vegan restaurants Dubai. 

We started in 2001 and within no time, started serving Indian vegan food in four different locations including Karama, JLT, Silicon Oasis, and Arjan. Also, we are opening our franchise in Deira very soon. However, Indian cuisine already has tons of options made from plant-based ingredients. Here, we are working on the mission of spreading the goodness of having sattvic food. MyGovindas is among the best Indian restaurants in Dubai

So, why wait for so long? Taste and enjoy authentic Indian vegan food today! For any further queries, feel free to reach out to us either by calling us at +97143960088 or writing us at

Why is Vegan Food Gaining Popularity?

A vegan food diet includes food only from plants. This concept of veganism started in 2017 and in no time became popular in almost all countries around the globe. There are many scientific studies in support of the health benefits of having a vegan diet, such as - 

  1. A vegan diet promotes effective weight loss and reduces the risk of heart disease. 
  2. Also, vegan food may help in reducing certain cancers such as colon cancer. 
  3. Having vegan food helps in lowering cholesterol levels and preventing diabetes. 
  4. Not only that, vegan food is good for our environment. 
  5. Therefore, if you are a vegan lover or want to try some vegan recipes, then you must visit one of the top vegan restaurants Dubai. 

Top-Rated Vegan Restaurants Dubai - MyGovindas

MyGovindas is highly rated & best Indian restaurant in Dubai offering an extensive list of food items that strictly follow sattvic principles as mentioned in the Ayurveda. Vegan Chaat Menu including Papdi Chaat, Sprouts Chaat, Dahi Puri, Bhalla Papdi, Dahi Bhalla, Raj Kachori. Soup such as Clear vegetable, sweet corn vegetable, Hot n’ sour, and so on. Variety of salads including green salad and some starters such as masala papad, and french fries. Other Indian food recipes include jeera rice, daal, chole, gobi Manchurian, and so on are 100% vegan. 

Sattvic food has inspired us to eat seasonal fruits, nuts, and vegetables. It is clearly written in our Ayurveda teaching that our body, mind, and mind are influenced in some form or the other by the food we eat daily. Moreover, you can check our food menu on our official website and place an order for home delivery as well. We are one of the 100% plant-based food vegan restaurants Dubai offering food made from fresh ingredients at an affordable rate. 

What Makes MyGovindas Among The Best Vegan Restaurants Dubai?

MyGovindas has been in the business for over 2 decades and successfully serves the best food for all the vegan lovers in Dubai. We are among the 4+ rated restaurants in popular food websites and delivery apps in Dubai. Some characteristics make us one of the top 10 luxury Indian Restaurants in UAE

  • Premium Quality Food - Without any doubt, We have the most delicious, authentic, and vegan food to offer in the city. There are so many options one can get anywhere. Vegan is usually restricted to one or two dishes, but not here. MyGovindas has a specially curated food menu for vegans so that they can also enjoy food.
  • 100% Pure Vegan Food - We are a well-established 100% pure vegan restaurants Dubai offering sattvic food at the best price in 4 different locations. Each dish is freshly prepared and from authentic ingredients by experienced chefs. Even the menu is designed for easy understanding of vegan food with ingredient lists. 
  • World-Class Customer Service - We have a well-trained and experienced staff that makes sure every customer enjoys world-class service. For us, the quality of customer service is utmost with the motto of making sure our customers feel welcomed and have a comfortable dine-in experience on each visit. 
  • Aesthetic Ambiance - We understand the importance of ambiance and its effects on any customer’s dine-in experience. Our every restaurant offers a great ambiance experience combining soothing music with comfortable seating arrangements. 

At last, we hope you get all the information regarding the Best Vegan Restaurants Dubai. However, if you have some queries for us, then feel free to reach out with the following details!

Contact Us 

Address - Burjuman Centre Street 4A, Behind Regent Palace Hotel, Dubai, UAE
Mobile No - +971 50 564 9227
Phone No - +971 4 396 0088
Open All Days: 08:30 AM - 11:30 PM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question - What Indian vegan dishes are available at MyGovindas?

Answer - We serve delicious and 100% vegan Indian dishes like chana masala, dhokla, samosa, kachori, and many more. 

Question - Is there an online food delivery service offered by MyGovindas?

Answer - Yes, you can order food on our official website and earn great discounts & points on each order.