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What makes MyGovindas a great restaurant?

Posted by Admin | Jun 08, 2020

Going to places of interest is a fun-filled experience, but sometimes can become a burden when it comes to food; especially if the traveler is a vegetarian or vegan. When on business trips or holidays, people always enroll...

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Oil free food - a key for a fit and young life!

Posted by Admin | Oct 18, 2018

Oil-free cooking, a unique and revolutionary technique making it possible to prepare great tasting food without the use of cooking oil. Ask any dietitian, the one thing that will be standard, and in fact a mandatory practice is to...

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Being a vegan in Dubai is super easy with MYGOVINDAS!

Posted by Admin | Aug 27, 2018

For the health-conscious and environmentally-concerned individual, being vegan is not only a food choice, but it is also a way of life. The vegan revolution really kicked off when people started becoming concerned about the...

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You are What you Eat

Posted by Admin | Feb 11, 2018

When we talk of nourishment, it is often said that your thoughts are defined by the type of food you intake. No matter how active you are, if you do not make the right dietary choices, you would never be able to achieve a healthy...

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